(4 pt Merit)

You're a god of getting things done. Whether you need some supplies, security clearance, favors or additional backup, you can get it with a phone call or two to the right people. Your suave personal and bureaucratic skills make the passage easier than it would be otherwise. After all, it's not what you ask for, but who you ask and how.

In game terms, this Merit subtracts two from the difficulty of all rolls that involve getting equipment, aid or favors through a bureaucracy. Such rolls are usually based on Backgrounds such as Allies, Influence, Library, Mentor, or Resources, or the Ties merits (local, police, black market, etc). To use this Merit, you must plan out what you need, contact a friend or ally in the necessary department, then file a request. Naturally, you can blow this Merit if you're not respectful and grateful to the right people; the Storyteller may feel free to disallow or revoke this Trait if the character isn't doing his part to keep the red tape clear.

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