(2 point Merit)
While all fae are conscious of the bonds of oaths, for you it is almost of a religious nature. Oaths are not something you take lightly, but are more than a matter of life and death. They are also a measure of your self worth, for they give your life a meaning beyond most. Whenever you are overwhelmed or dejected, the thought of your duties is enough to give you the strength to persevere. In game terms, you automatically succeed on all Willpower rolls, but only as they pertain to the fulfillment of your oaths. Similarly, the power of your sense of duty may be sufficient to allow temporary immunity to other supernatural effects (Storyteller's discretion).
However, this is not a Merit to be chosen lightly, for those of Loyal Heart are unable to ignore the bonds of the given word. Specifically, no Willpower may be spent in any action having to do with the breaking of oaths. Consider whether or not your character would rather die than break her word, for it is that serious.
Notes: This is not cumulative with the effects of the Merit: True Love, though it can be combined for purposes of roleplaying.
Source: Changeling the Dreaming Kithbook: Trolls
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