5 point merit

You are the living, breathing incarnation of some great hero or heroine; this does not have to be an actual historical figure, but can be a character from mythology or even (with Storyteller permission) a figure from more contemporary fiction. Note that you are an incarnation, not a reincarnation; you are not actually the reborn spirit of that individual, but the embodiment of the legend of that individual. Your mortal form must at least vaguely resemble your true "heritage", but your fae mien matches it perfectly. Any Kithain with even the slightest knowledge of the original tale will recognize you immediately, and you are likely to attract a great deal of attention in the cultures that gave birth to the legend.

You must purchase at least 3 points of the Remembrance Background to take this Merit to reflect the tie you have to the original legend. All Remembrance rolls made while interacting with or remembering things from your legendary "past" are made at a -2 difficulty (minimum difficulty of 3). What's more, you gain an additional two dice to all Social rolls with those who recognize you, Kithain or otherwise; being in the presence of such a famous figure is impressive, to say the least! At the Storyreller's discretion, this Merit may also allow you to have knowledge of, if not access to, certain Chimera or Treasures related to your legend. A character who is the incarnation of Roland cannot expect to be handed his famous horn, for example, but would be a storehouse of information about the item and have vague ideas about where to look for it.

Note that this Merit does not provide any further access to the capabilities of your legendary "ancestor" than this. Whether you are nothing more than a very convincing lookalike, or whether you can actually walk the walk, as they say, is a question of what traits you choose during character creation and beyond. Your appearance and your "memories" may make it hard to get along unnoticed in ordinary society, and you may attract unhealthy attention. It can also be very hard to live up to what is expected of you. Storytellers are encouraged to constantly remind players with this Merit just how exhausting and thankless it can be to live in the public eye.

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