(5-7 point Merit) (Kinfolk)

More than any other blessing, the possession of Gnosis among Kin is a special mark of Gaia's favor. It's extremely rare for mortals to be so gifted. Having Gnosis grants many privileges, such as the ability to learn Gifts, use fetishes and, in the case of a vampire's Embrace, the chance to die with dignity and honor, rather than suffer unlife. Even the stuffiest Garou gives a nod of respect to a Kin who possesses Gnosis. Kinfolk lucky enough to possess Gnosis recover it in the same manner as Garou. Kinfolk cannot have Rage; they do not have the fury of Gaia within them. Five points spent on the Merit grants one point of Gnosis, six points gives two points of Gnosis, and seven points gives three points of Gnosis.

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