(2 point Merit)

You can remember things seen and heard with perfect detail. By gaining at least one success on an Intelligence + Alertness roll, you can recall any sight or sound accurately, even if you heard it or glanced at it only once (although the difficulty of such a feat would be high). Five successes enable you to recall an event perfectly: The Storyteller relates to you exactly what was seen or heard.


(5 point Merit)

You forget nothing and can "photograph" scenes and texts into your memory with the appropriate effort. This Merit costs a lot more for Mokole than for any other creature, for obvious reasons. Once any fact or scene has been recalled through Mnesis, the Mokole can call it to mind again, although every single detail of an ancestor's life isn't available to him unless that ancestor also had eidetic memory. The player may ask the Storyteller for any fact or event that his character witnessed. The Merit makes learning anything memory-related cost half the usual experience points (although things that have to be practiced are as costly as usual). The Merit also brings respect, as other Mokole appeal to the character to settle disputes and the like.

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