(1-5 point Merit)

You have special ties to the underground shopping network, ties that help you acquire hard-to-find equipment. This Merit adds one die per point to your Streetwise roll when trying, for instance, to obtain black market weaponry. Difficulties for such rolls are left up to the Storyteller (typically 7 or higher). The point cost reflects how "connected" you may be. The Storyteller may allow you to use your black market connections during the game to provide you with needed or useful equipment. Such connections will not simply hand you whatever you want — these things don't come cheap! It is up to the Storyteller to determine the quantity, quality and availability of the equipment. He may feel free to disallow it entirely if such connections would unbalance the game.

One point — Small items: ammo, low-clearance ID badges, good software
Two points — Average items: guns, hi-tech software, special ammo
Three points — Fancy items: antique cars, explosives, automatic weapons
Four points — Hefty items: heavy weapons, high-security IDs or access codes
Five points — "Yeah, right. Maybe next game.": hi-tech military weapons, high explosives, military vehicles
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