This Trait measures your character's ability to get results when attempting to force, cajole or trick another person into doing something. Manipulation works on friends and foes alike, though it may be more difficult on the latter. If your character fails her attempt to manipulate someone, the target may well realize what was happening and become angry. No one likes to be manipulated.

  • Specialties: Cunning, Deceitful, Glib, Patient, Persuasive, Subtle, Underhanded

• Poor: reserved, innocent, taciturn, submissive

•• Average: bluffing, socially adept, evasive, swindling

••• Good: devious, slick, resourceful, eloquent, crafty

•••• Exceptional: influential, scheming, calculating, maneuvering

••••• Outstanding: puppeteering, controlling, Machiavellian, conspiratorial

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