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2010 Edit

October Edit

Oct. 7th Sky Park [Lena meets Eoin] Eoin, Lena The SCA club from the university practiced some sword fighting, drawing the attention of Lena Doyle and making it possible to meet Eoin for the first time.
Oct. 8th Ascott Hills [Lena meets Jericho] Jericho, Lena Lena Doyle was invited out to a bar by an acquaintance, but was left behind. While trying to hail a taxi Lena meets Jericho Nichols.
Oct. 15th Alt.Coffee Coffee House [Jocelyn meets Lena] Jocelyn, Lena Jocelyn visits Alt.Coffee for a cup of tea and meets Lena Doyle for the first time.
Oct. 17th Utopia [Lena meets Natasha] Natasha, Lena, Eoin Lena dancing in a club, meets Natasha. Eoin shows up too. And.. there are plenty of NPC's present.
Oct. 18th Alt.Coffee Art Studio [Lena meets David] David and Jocelyn, Lena Lena meets David Green for the first time, when Jocelyn asks if Lena would assist in a charity auction.
Oct. 18th Alt.Coffee Coffee House [Jericho visits Alt.] Jericho, Lena Jericho checks out Alt.Coffee and Lena just happens to be there too.
Oct. 20th Alt.Coffee Art Studio [Lena teaches a class, meets Zoe.] Zoe, Lena Lena teaching Painting for Beginners at Alt.Coffee. First class/week. Zoe is in attendance.
Oct. 21st Alt.Coffee Coffee House [Three girls socializing] Zoe and Natasha, Lena Hanging out in Alt.Coffee after class with Zoe and Natasha.
Oct. 21st Alt.Coffee Coffee House [Jericho discovers Lena is afraid of fire.] Jericho, Lena Jericho arrives while a rude customer is being rather creepy and has a lighter.
10/22 Jocelyn's Apartment Down the Rabbit Hole Jocelyn, David, Anso Jocelyn drags David and Anso away from work for a bit, gets Anso in on running security for her fundraiser.
Oct. 22nd Alt.Coffee Art Studio [Jocelyn checks Lena's art progress.] Jocelyn, Lena Jocelyn visits Alt.Coffee's Art Studio to check Lena's progress on paintings for the upcoming charity auction.
Oct. 23rd Alt.Coffee Gallery [Jason learns a secret upon meeting Lena.] Jason, Lena Lena plays the violin and is startled to learn she had an audience; She meets Jason Bard.
Oct. 24th Alt.Coffee and Outside [Jericho walks Lena home.] Jericho, Lena Lena calls Jericho to ask him to escort her home. She's afraid, but mostly tight-lipped about why.
Oct. 24th David Green's Office [Lena seeks legal advice.] David, Lena Lena visits David's office, seeking a price quote on legal advice. (Log was edited to add conclusion from October 25, 2010)
Oct. 24th Phone call. [Jericho checking up on Lena.] Jericho, Lena Jericho calls on the phone to check up on Lena.
Oct. 25th A boat. [Was it a date?] Jericho, Lena Jericho picks up Lena to go out for lunch. She's dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and he has a wolf mask.
10/26 David's Office in Grey Incorporated Jericho's Chiminage Talk David, Jericho David calls Jericho in to discuss the terms of the Galliard becoming a Sept member.
Oct 26th Alt.Coffee Coffee House [Lena meets Amiri.] Amiri, Lena Lena meets Amiri Deryne.
Oct. 26th Local Graveyard [Jocelyn 'meets' Lena's parents.] Jocelyn, Lena Lena and Jocelyn go to a local graveyard, to visit Lena's parents. They end up in a tree.
Oct. 27th Alt.Coffee Coffee House [Jason drinks at Alt.Coffee.] Jason, Lena Lena is dressed as Alice from the 2010 movie, Alice in Wonderland as she helps out in the coffee house. Jason stops by for a drink.
Oct. 27th Alt.Coffee Coffee House [Lena flees from Luke (NPC).] Jocelyn, David and Amiri, Lena Lena has flees from Luke (NPC Baddie), then bumps into David and Jocelyn. Amiri joins in.
Oct. 28th Italian Bistro [Lena's non-date Lunch with David.] David, Lena Lunch with David and the discussion of a Temporary Restraining Order on Luke (NPC) Cooper.
Oct. 28th Alt.Coffee Coffee House [Halloween Party!] Zoe, Jocelyn, Dead, Jericho, Lena 2010 Halloween Party at Alt.Coffee. Dead won the costume contest.
Oct. 29th Sky Park [Lena meets Sarah.] Jericho, Lena Lena meets Jericho's cousin, Sarah (NPC), in Sky Park.
Oct. 30th Alt.Coffee Art Studio [Zoe models for Lena.] Zoe, Lena Zoe models for one hour as Lena creates the first painting for her Faces of Crystal Springs collection.
Oct. 30th Outside. [Lena sees Crinos x2.] Jericho, Lena and NPC-Stuart (GMed by Lang) A walk home from Alt.Coffee, gives Lena enough material for her to have nightmares for a while.
Oct. 31st Winter Park Safehouse [Lena meets Rena.] Jericho, Dead, Rena, David, Lena The morning after seeing Jericho and Stuart in Crinos form. She meets Rena.
10/31 Roof of Grey Incorporated Spirit Talking Jocelyn, Starcaller Jocelyn talks to Stars a bit about seeing beyond and the dangers thereof.

November Edit

11/01 Winter Park Safehouse For A Good Cause Rena and Jericho Jericho starts teaching Rena how to defend herself. It isn't easy.
11/01 Utopia Red Tape In Utopia David and Natasha David comes to offer Natasha some solutions. The vampire is suspiciously quick to accept.
Nov. 1st Winter Park Safehouse Jason and Lena share an oath. David, Lena and Jason David introduces Jason to Lena, although they have already met. Jason and Lena share an oath that is only set for the length of time that Jason has a guard Lena.
Nov. 2nd] Alt.Coffee Coffee House Rena visits Alt.Coffee Rena, Lena Rena stops by Alt.Coffee. (Scene Incomplete?)
Nov. 3rd] Winter Park Safehouse Speaking with Dead. Dead, Lena Dead finds Lena in the kitchen of the Winter Park Safehouse and they talk.
Nov. 4th Winter Park Safehouse Hiding Behind Dead Dead, Lena When playing Hide-and-Seek, is the best hiding spot behind Dead?
Nov. 4th] Court House Lena 1 / Luke 0. David, Lena, NPC Judge and NPC Therapist Sometimes you have to hit bottom before you can climb back up. Judge Mallory Stevens grants the TRO against Luke Cooper.
Nov. 6th] Alt.Coffee Coffee House Lena re-meets Amiri Amiri, Lena and Jason Lena re-meets Amiri. When he mentions Jocelyn and David, her gut tells her to text Jason, who has been watching all along.
Nov. 7th] Winter Park Safehouse Returning to normal? Jericho, Lena Lena cannot forget the sight of Jericho in Crinos form, but they’re talking again. She feels things are returning to normal between the two of them.
Nov. 9th Winter Park Safehouse Lrn2 Punch Dead, Lena Dead shows Lena-the-newbie how to punch a bag. Theoretically it should be better than kicking a shin?
Nov. 9th Grey Inc. Roof Man of Mystery David, Jocelyn Jocelyn and David talk about recent happenings and future schemes.
Nov. 10th Alt.Coffee Lena models Jericho, Lena Lena models for a new photographer at Alt.Coffee.
Nov. 11th Lena's Apartment Jason and a Violin Jason, Lena Jason plays the violin for Lena's amusement.
Nov. 12th] Alt.Coffee Art Studio DJ Succubus Seeks Art Zoe, Lena Lena and Zoe discuss the imagery for the next DJ Succubus album cover.
Nov. 12th] Alt.Coffee Coffee House Jericho + Necktie Jericho, Lena Jericho stops by Alt.Coffee. ..wearing a necktie.
Nov. 13th] Winter Park Safehouse Lena and Jo chat. Jocelyn, Lena Lena chatting with Jocelyn in the Safehouse kitchen.
Nov. 14th] Alt.Coffee Jericho and Lena Non-Date Jericho, Lena Dinner non-date: Jericho gives Lena a Garou 101 class. (Nov 15th conclusion added in.)
Nov. 26th] Alt.Coffee Hacker Lab Hacker Lab Prank Jericho, Lena Jericho helps Lena move a car door from the hacker lab.. it's a prank.
Nov. 28th. Ponderosa Lodge Charity Auction Jocelyn, Rena, Lena and David Dotsero Orphanage Charity Auction, organized by the Jocelyn Reynard Foundation.
Nov. 29th Winter Park Safehouse Training Dragons Lena, Dead Lena watches, How to Train Your Dragon, with Dead.

December Edit

Dec. 3rd Rena's Apartment [Crazy with Worry] Jericho, Rena Jericho checks on Rena, acts too paranoid and ends up with a meditation assignment.
Dec. 4th Lena's apt building Something Different Jason, Lena Lena wanted a little escape. Jason provided.
Dec. 6th Secluded Meadow [Warning the Alpha] Jericho, Rommy Jericho warns Rommy of the recent BSD activity.
Dec. 7th Alt.Coffee Hacker Lab Duct Taped Jericho, Lena Lena is duct taped to a wall in the hacker lab. (Continued Dec. 16th)
Dec. 7th Winter Park Condos [Need Brain Bleach] Jocelyn, Vinaya Jocelyn is disturbed by the new Bone Gnawer kin.
Dec. 9th Sorrow's End Flower Guy Rommy, Lena Lena visits Sorrow's End. She meets Rommy.
Dec. 13th Rena's Apartment [Meditation Versus Rage] Jericho, Rena Rena talks a little about her past and then attempts to teach Jericho how to meditate.
Dec. 25th Winter Park Safehouse [Stolen Mistletoe Kiss] Jericho, Rena Jericho gives Rena some special cards and steals a kiss, which leads to an awkward moment.

2011 Edit

February Edit

Feb. 10th Dotsero Lake [Rumors of the Past] Jericho, Rena, Rommy, Jason A Silent Strider Galliard passes through town bringing some uncomfortable gossip.
Feb. 15th Rena's Apartment [Confessions and Bad Omens] Jericho, Rena Jericho confesses to Rena about his past, which does not go well, and Rena receives a disturbing vision about her future.
Feb. 16th David's Office [Chiminage and Confessions] Jericho, David Jericho completes his chiminage, becomes a member of the Sept, and then gives David a reason to distrust him.
Feb. 18th Winter Park Safehouse [Overdue Girl Talk] Jocelyn, Rena Jocelyn and Rena speak of various worries and concerns.
Feb. 20th Downtown [The Kidnapping of Rena] Jocelyn, Rena Jocelyn and Rena attempt to go out and have some fun, but it ends in disaster.
Feb. 20th Abandoned House [The Torture of Rena] Rommy, Jericho, Rena Rommy and Jericho learn of Rena's kidnapping, while elsewhere Rena gets an idea of how twisted Spirals can be.
Feb. 21st Abandoned House [The Rescue of Rena] Jericho, Rena, Rommy Rommy and Jericho finally discover Rena's whereabouts and rescue her from Spiral clutches.
Feb 28th Winter Park Safehouse Encouragement and Lectures Rena, Jericho Rena and Jericho lecture each other, and then reaffirm their friendship.

March Edit

Mar. 7th Italian Restaurant Second Chances] Jericho, David David takes Jericho and Sarah to dinner, they reveal their true identities, and David offers the first step towards recovery.
Mar. 8th Winter Park Condos Distractions from Darker Times Jericho, Rena Jericho treats Rena to dinner to give her a pleasant memory, making up for the recent dark ones.
Mar. 26th Changeling Market Iron Maw Quest Part 1 Eoin, Jocelyn, Jason Eoin, Jocelyn, and Jason enter the Changeling Market to learn more about the glamour eating box. Jason gets sidetracked along the way.
Mar. 26th Changeling Market Iron Maw Quest Part 2 Eoin, Jocelyn Eoin returns the Iron Maw to the pawn shop owner and learns more about who is really behind John Hagar and The Iron Guard
Mar. 27th Utopia Confronting Hagar Eoin, Natasha Eoin teams up with Natasha and goes to John Hagar's house for a confrontation. It has mixed success.
Mar. 28th Jason's House Legalizing Jason Eoin, Jocelyn, Jason Jason overdosed on glamour, so to speak, and Eoin and Jocelyn arrive to shatter his dreams and read legal papers.
Mar. 31st Dotsero Lake Healing and Visions Daniel, Rena Rena meets Daniel, has a vision that's both disturbing and calming, and learns a little about the healer.
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