Lena and Dead
Scene Synopsis
Lena watches, How to Train Your Dragon, with Dead.
November 29, 2010
Winter Park: Safehouse (@tel #427)

The basement of Winter Park is a huge one, with polished cement floors stained in a marbled, warm brown. Outfitted as a safehouse, it has any number of amenities: as you enter through the door, you find a hallway to your left, routing around to a meditation room, the gym, and a reinforced training room. Other rooms to your left are six bedrooms to outfit cubs and drifters, two bathrooms, and an infirmary outfitted for all manner of injuries. To your right is a sealed door to the armory, the laundry room, a kitchen and a dining area. In the far corner of the room is a lounge, complete with a big TV, video games, and all manner of donated books to keep people entertained. There's also a pool table, as well as a foozball table down there.

Log Edit

Lena hasn't been to the safehouse in at least two weeks. So, she guessed at what was needed when she visited the store. Perishables mostly, like milk and bread. She also has some chocolate chip brownies that she baked at Alt.Coffee, bringing extras here. The sounds of her putting the last few items can be heard and then the opening of the plastic storage container that holds the brownies. They're still fresh enough to have a strong fresh-baked scent coming off them. She reaches in and breaks one in half, moving to lean on the counter and quietly snack.

As that lid on the top of the brownies is removed, Dead sits up on the couch slowly, like some bad Dracula movie from the '50s, having been laying down and listening to the movie as it plays upon the TV. He gives a sniff before he roll over onto the floor, catching himself on his hands and feet and gives a hard shove upwards to lever himself up onto the soles of his feet. He sniffs his way all the way over to the counter. "Hello." he says as he nears the counter, patting the counter, hamming up the fact that he is sightless so that the container if sweets might be pushed in his way.

Lena takes her time snacking, rewarding herself for putting the groceries away. Indulging actually. She makes a soft sound that is a nonverbal, 'Yum!' When she sees Dead walk into the kitchen she needs a moment to swallow the mouthful before addressing, "Good afternoon, Mister Dead." Since he was sniffing on his way in, she draws a breath through her nose and notices the brownie smell. She helpfully asks, "Would you like a brownie? They have chocolate chips in them. I made them about.. an hour ago." Clearly his hamming up signal was lost on her, in fact, some of her usual warmth seems to have iced up a bit, but not to the point of rudeness. "Afternoon. - I'd love a brownie. Who doesn't love a good brownie? I mean, even vampires will eat chocolate. Or so I've heard." Dead muses, even as he continues to pat about the counter, searching for the container. "Perhaps you might be able to direct me to them?" he asks, realizing that his silent askance went unheeded. "And perhaps you'd like to take a movie with me? Rena was nice enough to bring down How to Train Your Dragon which actually illustrates the movie verbally for those of us who have trouble actually seeing the movie."

Lena places the rest of her brownie on the counter and picks up the container. The motion makes a scrap sound and she approaches Dead. One hand holds the container and another reaches out to touch the hand he does not have on the counter, thinking he meant for his hand to be directed, "They are cut in squares, in piles of two." She chuckles softly, "I never saw a vampire eat chocolate, not even Gary Oldman." Dracula. "A movie?" She sounds hesitant, but agrees, "Alright. I never saw a movie that gave verbal illustration." Curiosity there.

"That was actually a throw-away question I asked while interrogating a vampire. They don't expect you to ask a question that they can actually answer." Dead explains as he reaches to take a brownie. And then a second and a third. He then reaches out and ends up patting Lena on top of her head. "Granted watching a movie this way to the sighted can be a tad tedious and may ruin a bit of the suspension of disbelief, but... it's all I got working for me." he chuckles as he steps back over towards the sofa. "Hey, buddy!" he calls over to the entertainment center. "Mind cuing us up to the beginning of the movie? Have a friend who wants to join." he explains... to the DVD player? He flops himself down and begins to munch at his small collection of brownies quite happily. Without his having to push a button, the DVD player shuts off then turns back on and then begins to play the DVD from the beginning.

Lena exhales a near-silent chuckle, "Was this at the Halloween Party?" She blinks with every tap, patting her head, but puts up with the gesture. As for how the movie would be, "I don't mind spoilers. Considering Shakespeare tells the entire plot of Romeo and Juliet at the very beginning, if one of the greats can do it.." She picks up her half of a brownie from the counter. When he calls out to his buddy she asks quietly, nervously, "Who is here?" And when the DVD player works itself, she makes a startled sound. Trying to sound brave she asks, "Mister Dead, are you hiding the remote?" She looks around for how this was done.

"No, no. I interrogated a vampire about four years ago in Las Vegas. He wasn't the nicest of fellows but knew his classic rock." Dead mentions as he listens to the DVD player actually choosing the correct options on its own so as to audibly illustrate the movie before playing it. "Hmm? No one is here. And if you'd like to control the DVD player, I believe the remote is atop it. Though I warn, he's a little finicky at the moment. I would be too, really. I hate people pushing my buttons."

Lena furrows her brow at Dead's mention of interrogation. She says, "Sometimes you tell the most colorful stories." As he clarifies no one else is there and that the DVD player would not want its buttons pushed. She looks and sounds all the more confused. She whispers to herself, "Another strange Garou thing?" Her hands fidget with her brownie, breaking off a corner.

"Another strange Garou thing..." Dead confirms for her as the movie starts itself. - In animation, a large full moon glows in a night sky filled with twinkling stars. A shadow falls across the moon's surface forming a slender crescent moon. A young boy holding a fishing pole sits on the moon's bottom curve. He swings the pole and casts out a fishing line, which sweeps away approaching clouds, then drops straight down. DREAM WORKS ANIMATION SKG. Elsewhere in the middle of an ocean, towering statues of men with fires glowing in their open mouths stand near a rocky shoreline. 'This is Burk...' - "Come. Sit down. Cuddle up. Stay awhile." he instructs, of course not actually expecting her to curl up against him, but he certainly wouldn't stop her if she did. He gives a shrug as he turns his head towards her, giving a shrug. "Lech." he remarks before turning back towards the TV.

Lena blushes lightly as he repeats her whisper. Thinking she offended him she says, "I'm sorry." There's a little sigh and she pops part of her brownie in her mouth. Instructed to sit down, she takes up a portion of the couch, but doesn't cuddle Dead. She keeps a polite distance. The soft sound of nylon brushing along shoes can be heard as she slips out of her footwear and curls her feet under her. Smoothing her skirt she is decent, even though Dead can't see to confirm. "I'll stay for the movie. Then I have to call my assistant to see if there is more that needs to be done today."

"You didn't offend. I assure you." Dead muses as he smirks, listening to the movie. His ears do seem to prick at the sound of nylons, leaning his head a little to one side even as the movie continues. "Your assistant will tell you about some minor issues, you will explain how they will be dealt with tomorrow and then stay for an all-night marathon of Lord of the Rings." he says slowly, all the while continuing to listen to the movie. - ''s twelve days north of Hopeless and a few degrees south of Freezing to Death. It's located solidly on the Meridian of Misery.' A large wave crashes. 'My village. In a word? Sturdy. It's been here for seven generations but every single building is new. We have fishing, hunting, and a charming view of the sunset. The only problems are the pests.' Awingedcreaturesnatchesagrazingsheep. 'Some places have mice or mosquitos. We have...' Standinginadoorway,aboywithreddish-brownstaresoutataflyingdragonexhalingfire,slammingthedoor. 'Dragons.'

Lena relaxes a little when Dead states she didn't offend. It's difficult to pick a time to speak with the movie and illustrations both taking up a lot of the quiet space. But she gets a chance to say, "I do like Lord of the Rings but.." A pause, waiting for another chance to speak then, "..I really should not stay for an all-night.." She pauses again before concluding, "..marathon." When 'slammingthedoor' is heard, she giggles softly. It is a bit odd to be hearing what she is seeing. It takes a few more moments but she asks, "You used to be able.." Pause for a descriptive piece in the movie. " see?"

"Yes, I used to be able to see. Quite well, actually. 20/10." Dead explains, giving a solemn nod before he turns towards Lena, seeming to ignore the movie for a moment. "Why do you ask?" he asks, arching a brow above the rim of his sunglasses. "Pause." he says and a moment later the DVD player pauses the movie.

Lena tilts her head and frowns as she learns just how well Dead used to be able to see and now cannot. But she explains why she asked, "I am a painter. If you like, I can draw a rectangle on your hand and pretend to paint the descriptives you hear, but so you know where on the screen it exists. I think it would be easier for someone who once could see, to imagine the screen." She rolls a shoulder in a shrug, "I just thought.. well, if I lost my sight, I would hope to still keep imagination."

He nods once, acknowledging that she is indeed a painter but listens as this explanation continues. He muses a moment, as if attempting to envision how this proposal might work. He finally gives a slow nod once more. "I suppose we get to see just how good an artist you are and how good my imagination is." Dead finally says as he stretches out one arm over the back of the couch to allow Lena to get close along his side and puts his hand from his opposite out to the side a bit, offering his rather large palm to her.

Lena smiles as Dead seems agreeable to the idea. However when he offers the opposite hand, she tenses. That skittish tension can be heard in her words. "May I have your other hand, instead please?" She does have to move closer to attempt her idea, but she clearly is not offering snuggles. There is a wall building around her that is more than what was there last time they spoke. It seems to not be targeted to him in particular, but there it is all the same.

Dead blinks, never having been one to understand other's discomforts easily. "Have I given offense or acted inappropriately?" he asks, quite up front with his concern. "If I have, I apologize. Your offer sounded appealing and is this is a long movie, I wished to settle in. I can give assurances that my hands as well as any other appendages will be staying right where they are."

Lena shakes her head, even though he can't see it, "You haven't done anything inappropriate." She blushes. "I am sorry.. It is just, in my very recent experience men seem to be.. well, you had warned me about you. And, I don't want.." She makes a frustrated sigh of a sound. "I don't want anything.. inappropriate." She moves closer and reaches for that opposite hand that was offered, sounding more serious, "Are your assurances equal to the value of your word?"

"If I was meaning to seduce you by now, Lena, I assure you, I would have made the attempt by now. As sexually attractive as you are to me, I'm afraid your friendship means more to me than the chance of ruining said friendship. My word is my bond. May all the spirits present bare witness to this completely platonic contact." Dead says, indeed, keeping his hands right where they are as he raises his head a little, closing his eyes behind his sunglasses and nods. "Play." he says before the DVD begins playing once more.

Lena blushes intensely at everything Dead says before the word 'friendship' and the blush takes a while to fade. When he gives his word she says as if casting a spell, because to her words have meaning. "I accept your word." She then moves fingertips across his palm to draw a rectangle. Looking at the screen, she brushes a few lines into that rectangle to symbolize where objects and people are. As things are described, she moves her hand pretending to paint. She even moves her fingers to demonstrate the direction of movement her eyes see on the screen. It definitely is not the same technique she would have used with paint and it's not ASL, but it should depict a form of what she is seeing.


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