Jason and Lena
Scene Synopsis
Lena wanted a little escape. Jason was the something different she needed. It's her first time on a rooftop and seeing Hispo form.
December 4-5, 2010
Phone call. - Jason in transit to Lena's apartment while she is already home on the phone.

Lena's apartment. - Mostly just near the window that leads to the fire escape.

The roof of the apartment building. - The fire escape. Ladder. Ledge of the roof.

Log Edit

Lena enters her apartment with a paper bag and walks to a counter. She pulls out a bottle of rubbing alcohol, box of non-latex bandages, bag of sugar and chocolate chips. She puts the sugar and chocolate chips in a cabinet. Then takes her phone out of her purse. Text to JasonBard: Home. When will you arrive?

It takes a moment for a response. ... okay, actually it takes near a half hour. And when she gets the text, its nothing but gobbledygook. It's like someone just mashed his face on a keyboard, though there are some slightly intelligible words in there. "fck" and "lazss" seem like they might have been almost intentional.

Lena furrows her brow looking at the gibberish. However seeing 'fck' it only makes her think of one term. She sends a quick message. Text to JasonBard: We can meet meet another day.

She takes her bandages and rubbing alcohol and places them in the bathroom. Then she walks to the bedroom and removes any jewelry she was wearing, putting it all in her jewelry box. She then reaches for her black wig and reaches down to grab a pair of canvas sneakers.

She's interrupted by the buzzing of her phone again. A new text message: srry im vrty drnnk wgatd up????

Lena furrows her brow trying to read that. But then she laughs. Rather than trying another text message, she just calls his number. Listening to the phone ring, she lets her sneakers drop to the ground. She walks at the wig still in her hand.. she'll need two hands for that.

The phoen picks up, and immediately Lena's phone erupts with the sounds of a roaring, boisterous crowd and loud, Irish-sounding music. There's a fiddle being played at high-speed, at least. Jason's voice can just barely be heard over the din.
"Shhhhh! Shhh, guys! Guys, shhhh! Shut up, guysh! Guys, it's LENA!" Eventually, the music dies away, and the noise of the crowd is replaced by laughter, along with people crowing loudly "Hiiiiiiii Lena!" and kissy noises. Jason comes on the phone, laughing, "Haaaaayyyy, beautiful! Hey...hey, sexy girl. Hey. How're...did you jusht text me?" His words are so slurred together, they sound like they're just falling out of his mouth, rather than him actually speaking them.

Lena holds the phone a little away from her ear hearing that loud noise. She looks at it to confirm she called the right number. Hearing Jason also confirms it. Hearing a group mention her name and the kissy noises has her blushing. Her voice comes out calmly, sober, over the phone, "Mister Bard? I didn't mean to interrupt a party. I wanted to try something different.. and you're the most different person I know. I decided to try going on a roof top or some other adventure. But, I did not realize you were busy." She got used to being able to watch DVDs with him when he was around more often. "Would you be able to get together another day?" Looking at herself in a small mirror, she places the wig on her bound hair. She'll need two hands to make it look presentable though.

Jason laughs very loudly at being called "different". "Thass prob'ly th' besht compliment I've ever gotten! Shpank you verr' much!" he says, laughing the whole time. "Now, why'sh is haftas be anuther day? These drunksh an' lushesh dun deserve me anyway...OW!" THere's good-natured cursing on the other end, as Jason disappears for a moment, chastising somebody through his laughter.

Lena shakes her head, lightly laughing, "Mister Bard, you are drunk. By the sounds of it, very drunk." Her free hand moves to a small box not too far away. Usually it's hidden, but now she keeps it in plain sight. Fingers tap on the surface and she shakes her head, winning against that demon. Walking to her sneakers she picks them up and moves toward the main doorway area, "I would like a sober adventure.." But he most likely missed that part. "Mister Bard?" She then sighs, hearing him chastising someone.

It's a few moments later, and Jason comes back on the phone, still laughing, but he hiccoughs before clearing his throat, going as serious as he can manage. "What can I do for yas, lady?"

Lena replies, "A time when you are sober.. I would like to try to visit a rooftop. To pretend I am not afraid of the sudden stop, should I fall. Just to do something different. A minor escape for perhaps an hour or two, before returning to reality. Ever have one of those days? When you just want.. a break?"

"Pffffft, shober? Lady, y'don know much 'bout the G...'bout me at all, do ya? Where are y'? Back at home? I c'n be sober b'fore I get there." The boisterous crowd in the background begins to fade, and there's the sound of a door shutting, followed by wind crackling over the microphone. "Well...yeah. 'Specially us warrurs. Can get a bit too much at times, y'know?"

Lena chuckles into the phone and comments, "Nice save there, Mister Bard." She sounds impressed that even while drunk he was able to keep secret things, secret enough to not give a word away. She confirms, after he seems to understand her want of a break, "Yes, I am home. Should I open the window for you?"

"Shure, open it up, if it's not too cold. I c'n open one up m'self when I get there, anyways." It's fucking freezing out these days, almost literally. And it's raining, the sound of the pattering clear on Jason's end of the phone. "Sho what'sh got y'...hold on." There's the rattling of metal, and it sounds like Jason is climbing a ladder. "What'sh got y' overwhelmed?"

Lena adjusts her wig, making it look passable but not perfect. Then she moves toward the window, unlocks and opens it. Feeling the cold air enter and rain hit her arm she reacts, "Oh! Cold!" She widens her eyes, "This is not cold to you?" She moves away from the window, retreating to a warmer portion of the apartment, "Men, Mister Bard. I rather not talk much of it. It will spoil my escape."

"Oh, I'm freezin' m' fuckin' balls off, lass," Jason says with another laugh, letting out a breath as a new rush of wind blows over the phone. "Men, huh? Y'know what causes men t' get all sulky and depressed, more often than not? Women." There's a thumping and a crunching of gravel on his end, and Lena can hear his voice starting to get deeper. "I'm wonderin' if there isn't some big competition, t' see who can out flummox who."

Lena blushes when she hears Jason mention the cold. But she replies to something else, "Maybe it is some competition." She sighs. She walks into her room and changes her clothing while remaining on the phone. In particular, switching a skirt for a pair of skinny jeans. "If it is, can we.. for today, pretend it doesn't exist? I just want to do something different. Cheer up. Have fun. I thought you were the best to call.." She blushes and stops talking.

"Most often," Jason says, his voice growing deeper even as his words become clearer and better enunciated. And the footsteps grow louder and heavier, "When people complain about 'men' or 'women', they're more jus' complain' about a specific one. And beneath that, they're more jus' complainin' about themselves. Or about not bein' th' kind of person they want to be."
As Lena goes on, Jason almost audibly smiles. "That's really sweet of y', sunshine. Sure, I'll let y' pretend I'm not a guy, if y' want. I don't think I could possibly pretend you're not a woman, though."

Lena can be heard sighing, again, when Jason speaks about what people are usually complaining about. And yeah, he certainly understands what she is not saying. She doesn't say anything though, almost trying to tune out the topic. When he sounds like he is smiling in his words, she starts to smile herself. She assures him, "Mister Bard, I am certain that if -you- put your mind to something, there is no way it could not happen." She might not have marked him as a friend yet, but she surely has confidence in him. She zips the jeans and grabs a pair of glasses. All that is left is to put on her sneakers to complete her disguise.

Jason laughs again, but this one is more of a short bark rather than a jolly guffaw. "Despite how much time we've spent t'gether, I wonder if y'don't know me at all, sunshine." At the sound of a zipper, he falls silent though, and puts on a mock sad tone in his deep, guttural rumble, "If you're changin' out o' something' sexy b'fore I get there, I'm gonna be so very saddened."

Lena nods, even though she is on the phone, "It's quite possible we don't know each other at all." The way she says it, reveals she cannot tell if she knows him or not. She exhales, a near-silent chuckle at his last statement. Something is nearly predictable about him. "I was not going to wear a skirt on a roof. Also heels were not a good idea for that either. I've switched into my disguise. I usually only use it when going out for new music."

"Well, from all the time I'd spent in your apartment, y'never really asked me much about m'self," Jason says candidly, "An' y' made it pretty clear y' didn't want to be asked about your personal life. Like any real Shadow Lord, y' like t' keep most people at arm's length, an' try an' keep 'em guessing."
Jason is grinning again as he respond to her last remark, though his voice is rising to his normal octave again. "Now c'mon, y'r not lettin' me get a chance t' be a hero, keepin' y' warm against th' cold. An' y' can't really be a damsel in distress in slacks, now can ya? An' what's this about a disguise?"

Lena widens her eyes, "You're right. I'm sorry. I should have asked you more questions. But, I was afraid if I asked too many, you might ask some I did not want to answer. I guess part of me does like to keep a mystery. I thought that was a woman thing. It's a Shadow Lord trait? Hmmm.." Learning when not expecting to. "Your voice.. keeps changing. Is it your phone or mine?" She looks at her phone to see how many bars it has. "You are being a hero, just not the cliche sort. I meant it, you were the best to call." She chuckles, "Yes, a disguise. You know I don't let people know I play the violin? I really work hard to not be recognized at the music store."

"Well, what's the worse thing t' do? Ask too many questions, or not ask enough, hmmm?" Jason asks, affecting Yoda-ish purr to his words near the end there. He thinks he's so clever. "And really," he continues, his breathing starting to deepen as he gets into a quick sprint, sounding like he's jumping, "Is it too hard to say "I don't want to answer that"?"
"Must be your phone. Are you on AT&T?" Jason replies, managing somehow to deliver that deadpan. The quickened breathing probably helps. "And that's not the kind of hero that can show up on a romance novel cover, issit? Can I be riding a white stallion, gallop up to you, and say "Put on your trousers, we're gonna be bar hopping"? I don't think so."
As she goes on about a disguise, Jason snorts, and there may be a brief note of disgust in there. "No disguises. If we're going out tonight, you're going out as Lena, not as some nameless Katy Perry lookalike. S'not who I ran halfway across town t' be with. An' why do you want to hide that you play violin, anyways? What's shameful about it?"

Lena considers, "I really don't know which is the worse thing to do. Next time, I will remember to just say if I don't want to answer something." As for her phone she answers, "No, Not AT&T." He delivered it well enough, that she went with it. She listens to him describe the white horse.. and being told to put on trousers. She immediately bursts out into unrestrained laughter. She just found it too funny. Her free hand moves to her mouth and the sound of effort, of her trying to stop laughing can be heard. She walks to the mirror, "I don't look like Katy Perry. The wig is from REPO! But.. alright, I will take it off. I should keep the jeans and sneakers on, though." As for her violin, she admits quietly, "I give so much of my soul to the world through my art. I want to keep a piece for myself in the music."

"I'll tell ya then, the worst is th' latter," Jason says matter of factly, and he just beams brightly on his own end of the phone. "Fine, fine. Keep th' jeans on. I'll jus' hafta use my memories t' remember how irresistible y' look wi' your hips swishing in a dress."
He ruins that charming line by following it up with a snort. "That don't make any fuckin' sense. Piece of yourself? How is people knowing that you play violin in th' privacy of your own home giving away a bit of your soul?"

Lena blushes when he mentions how she might look in a dress. She sounds upset at how he reacts to her want of privacy when it comes to her music. Upset as in angry. Uncharacteristically, she expresses the emotion in her tone of voice, "Music makes me feel like I can visit a place within myself. I don't care if it's territorial. I -don't- want any trespassers. I am not sharing it when I don't want to. I refuse to give it up. It's a place where -I- decide when someone can visit." There was fire there. But, by the end of her vocalizing this, the anger already seems to fade. An emotion she can't hold onto for long. Realizing the tone she uses she apologizes, "I am sorry, I had not meant to speak to you that way. Please forgive me?"

The harsh bite of disgust in Jason's tone ramps way down as Lena becomes angry, but the stubborn edge to his voice is still there, "So don't let people in who don't want to be in. But pretending you don't do it at all? That's saying you don't want to be a slut, so you hide that you like sex at all. ... Okay, bad example." Jason grumbles quietly to himself for a moment, but her request makes him splutter. "Forgive you? I was about to thank you for comin' out and finally bein' completely honest with me for a few moments." Ahhh, the clash between Shadow Lords and Fianna.

Lena seems most effected by his mention of being completely honest. She is silent for a few moments. Then there is a sniffle and she says calmly, "I have never lied to you. I have always been honest." She walks through the apartment and gets to close to the window she opened. An audio complaint with no words can be heard before she finally speaks, "..Cold!" Moving her other arm to fold across her stomach she turns her back from the window. "How far away are you?"

"You've never lied to me, no," Jason says, the edge to his voice dulling a little, "But that's not the same as being completely honest. Not that I'm blaming you, it's hard to be completely honest with people you don't completely trust. Probably harder than running into the belly of the Wyrm."
As Lena goes back to the phone, she'll find that the call has been dropped, with Jason's name flashing at her from her screen. Rising up out of the darkness, the ragabash perches on the windowsill, grinning evilly and leeeaning in, just waiting for Lena to turn around and see him.

Lena swallows, "I hope to never have a true basis for comparision." When she sees the call was dropped, she still stupidly says, "Mister Bard?" She sighs. From behind, Jason can see her hair is covered by a jet black wig cut in the style of Shilo from REPO! The Genetic Opera. She's wearing a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, black canvas sneakers and a red blouse that looks like she was going to remove it and decided not to. When she turns, her eyes are hidden behind reflective John Lennon sunglasses. However, this does nothing to hide her startled reaction as she lets out a short scream, bending her knees so she is low to the ground as a hand covers her mouth. She looks really shook and then since her mind knows she is safe, her body agrees a moment later and she laughs a little while she is still staying in small position.

Jason still crouches in the window, back bent and teeth gleaming in the darkness, even as his shining blue eyes are veiled slightly by the dark bangs of his hair. "Boo," he says belatedly, all full of mischievous glee for the reaction he got. "How's that for getting you heart racing, eh? Can I come in?" he asks, hopefully.

Lena shakes her head as he says 'Boo.' As for coming in she immediately invites, "Come in, come in." She moves a hand to the very top of her head and tugs upward, removing the wig and revealing her bound hair underneath. She places the wig on a nearby end table. It'll have to be brushed later. Perhaps revealing just how much she wanted to see Jason, she moves toward the window, opening her arms in a clear invitation for a hug.

Jason hops gracefully down from the windowsill, feet landing silently on the carpet as he swipes is hands back through his wind-touseled hair, settling it more neatly on his head. When she pulls the wig off and opens up for a hug, he steps forward...but first, runs hands briskly through her hair, messing with her hat-hair, before slipping his arms easily under hers and drawing the kin into a tight hug. He even lifts her onto her toes, hose pressing against the side of her neck. Tight hug!

Lena says, "Now I have to brush--" She gasps as she is lifted up in a tight hug. She shivers as rain on him rubs off and chills her. She says, "Jason.. can't breathe.." She clearly does not get that many tight hugs. The hug she gives is much more gentle and when she feels she is having trouble breathing, her arms go weak and limp.

Jason laughs unworriedly, his cold nose pressing against her warm neck, and he loosening his hold enough to let her breathe. He doesn't let her down, though, in fact he tosses her upwards a little, getting a grip lower around her waist to be able to hold her upright against him. He's chilled all over, damp, but quickly warming up against her and in the warmth of her apartment. And the warmth of his smile can't be cooled as he looks brightly up at her. "How's that? Better?"

Lena takes a deep breath as soon as she is able to. Feeling herself moved off the ground, her feet kick a little, instinctively trying to find the ground. Shivering still she says, "Mister Bard, please put me down?" She tries to stretch her right leg, trying to reach for the floor. She admits, "I feel.. uncomfortable." She's careful about her tone, trying not to hurt his feelings. She had to be honest about hers, though.

Jason's lips close, though he keeps that smile as he snorts mildly. "About what? Being off the ground? Or being held?" he asks, an eyebrow raising as he lets her slide to the ground, arms loosening about her. "So what was this about a roof?"

Lena looks like she saw a ghost and doesn't answer why she was uncomfortable. But when he feet touch the ground she gives him a look that reveals he earned -a lot- of points for not pushing her somewhere unwanted. She moves a hand to pat at his arm near the elbow and she gives a nod and looks a little less nervous about him. "Do you remember when you asked if I walked to work over rooftops? ..How you need jumping skills to get to the next building? But.. I have never been on a rooftop. I had thought about it. I won't try to get to another building, but show me one? I want to know what it's like. I just, don't want to fall."

Jason's hands slide down to the small of Lena's back, and he smiles right back at her, drumming a finger lightly against the curve of her spine. At her question, he quirks his lips for a moment, looking very thoughtful. "Hmmm...can't say I do, but that happens a lot. Heh, so you don't like having your feet off the floor, but you want to check out the rooftop?" he teases.

Lena giggles at the drumming finger as the light touch tickles her. She squirms away to the side. When the giggling fades she has a serious expression. She reveals, "It reminded me of.. being held by someone I didn't want to even be in the same room with. I couldn't run." She bites her lower lip and reminds herself, "He legally cannot go near me." She looks at Jason, "The roof might be scary, but it might not be. Either way, it could not hold me the same way as..he did." She holds up pretty well. Talking with Sheryl is making a difference.

When Lena tries to slide away, she finds herself moving, and Jason's arms slip away from her, but only as far as she steps away, so they're still draped around her waist. Right up until she mentions Luke again, and his expression falls away along with his hands, which he links behind his head. "Well, there's no asshole up there, except for me, maybe," he says seriously, before flashing her a wink, "You got your coat? It's just a few flights of stairs to get up there."

Lena nods her head, "Just need to put on a sweater too. It's too cold for just this blouse under the coat." She walks to her room and disappears for five minutes. When she comes out she is wearing a deep red sweater and her hair is down, brushed. She moves to get her long coat and slides into it. Buttoning the coat, then she ties the belt around her waist, "Are we going to the rooftop here?"

Jason slips his hands in his pockets, dressed only in his jeans, t-shirt, and a leather jacket that's gemmed with droplets of rain. He grins and shakes his head, watching her go. "I'm not gonna get the romantic hero chance tonight, eh? Ah well, might as well just enjoy the night. Sure, your roof is as good as any. And you can get a new perspective on what you see out your window."

Lena looks excited about the idea, "I've never been on any of the floors higher than this one, here. Everyone I've meet here is from this floor or below. Even though she has a sweater and coat on, being near the open window still makes her shiver a bit. She brings a hand to one of her cheeks, feeling the coolness there.

"Well, no time like the present, eh?" Jason says, though when Lena shivers, he reaches up to briskly rub at her arms, like it was second nature. "We can take the...uh..." Realizing what his hands are doing, they stop and he pulls them away, crossing them over his chest. "We can take the service exits up to the roof."

Lena nods her head, "Alright. I thought you were going to say to take the fire escape." She tilts her chin down as she glances at her waist to make sure the coat is tied. "Are you really on rooftops often? I did not want to try it by myself." Looking back at him, "Are you going to be warm enough?"

(Part II: December 5, 2010)

"Well, that's the more exciting way to get to the roof, t'be sure. Y' don't strike me as th' type who wants excitement, though." Jason grins, brushing the wetness off his jacket. "Oh yeah. I may show y' how Garou keep warm on cold nights in th' forest."

Lena moves her hands to the coat's belt tied around her waist. She tugs with a swift movement, looking like she was securing a corset instead of a coat, "Excitement would be -different-." She pulls out black cloth gloves from her coat pocket and puts them on as she moves to the window, "I never went this way." She looks out the window and the wind sucks some of her hair out and she says, "I'll pretend it's just a tree."

Jason pulls his collar up around his ears, looking wantingly after Lena as she passes him. His eyes linger on her, and there's a moment of sadness in his face, before he comes to the window beside her. "You can make it yourself, even. I'll be behind you the whole way."

Lena carefully works on getting herself out of the window. Her coat hinders her effort, but she makes it outside. Once there, she noticibly shivers. The sweater and coat almost seems useless until she moves to warm up. She has to move to take the metal steps upward. Holding on, she looks down and freezes. She comments, "It looks nothing like a tree.." Clinging to the railing she climbs further up. Reaching the next floor and having to turn, she freezes again, turning her head to see if Jason really is still with her.

"It's just like walking on normal steps," says the reckless Fianna behind her. "Just keep looking upward, and focus on the top." He doesn't tell her to /not/ think about things. He's got more experience than that. When she looks back, he's right behind her, hands shoved in his jacket pockets and grinning. He nods upwards encouragingly. "C'mon, just a few dozen more steps."

Lena smiles at Jason's encouragement. She turns her head to look forward again and takes his advice, looking upward. At all times, at least one hand is clinging on to a rail. When she reaches the last floor, it turns into a ladder to a roof. She looks like she might hesitate, but she nods and takes hold. Moving upward she takes her time as she tries not to slip on the wet metal. Reaching the very top she turns her head, looking at the roof to figure out just how to get on it. Her climbing suddenly looks very awkward, but she gets over the edge and is on the roof. Her posture is a bit hunched.. trying to stay closer to the rooftop as if thinking being taller might make her fall. She looks to see Jason, reaching out a hand in his direction. He's not part of the building but certainly looks more steady than she is.

When she reaches the top and looks back to see Jason right behind her, seeming like he hasn't moved at all. Though he takes her hand with a smile, climbing up the rest of the way onto the roof. And he just stands on the ledge. The wet, slippery ledge, with the wind whipping at his open coat, and he looks out at the city spread out before him. "Ain't the view great?"

Lena tightens her hold when she realizes Jason is not moving off the ledge. "Mister Bard, please come away from the edge? I ..can't look at the view when my mind is thinking you might fall. Please?" Her arm tenses from the urge to want to pull him away, but she doesn't do anything due to not wanting to risk his balance.

Jason looks back to Lena with eyebrows up into his bangs, surprised that she's actually worried. And he grins slowly, the look of a coyote in a henhouse coming over his expressive face. "What? This worries you?" he asks, and starts to hop from foot to foot on the ledge. Hop hop hop, jump jump jump... He even leaps into the air, with a graceful 360 spin, and lands on one foot, balancing carefully, arms and leg splayed out.

Lena widens her eyes, "!!!" She looks excessively worried, "Please stop.. stop. Mister Bard!" Her voice never gets that loud, instead it goes thin and his last name nearly squeaks. She glances downward and her features go pale, "Oh.." A hand goes to her forehead as she finds herself dizzy. She's higher up than she ever was in a tree. Her body moves in a sway, looking like she might faint, but she bites down on her lower lip trying to prevent that sensation.

Jason's grin wipes away as Lena looks pale, and he slips easily off the ledge to stand beside her. One hand slips into hers, and he wraps his other arm around the small of her back, holding her up. "Hey now, no falling down for you. That's my schtick."

Lena chuckles weakly at his statement and she slides her hand across her forehead, rubbing at her temple. "Trees are much more different. The branches hold you as you move your way up. When I was little, I would try to climb so high.." She looks over the edge of the roof, but now down.. she looks out instead. Seeing the lights she mentions, her voice sounding like her usual daydreaming self again, "It almost looks like stars on the ground when you look in the distance.."

Jason laughs. "So you've been climbing the easy trees, then?" Letting go of her hand, Jason pats Lena on the head. Glancing out over the city, Jason pulls away from Lena to hop up on the ledge again, hands behind his head. "They look nice, huh? Only they don't twinkle. Which is what gives the stars their charm, I think."

Lena shakes her head, "Last time I tried to climb a tree, I could barely get on the first branch. I just could not pull myself up, even after I took off my heels." She almost moved to lean against Jason, but soon her head is patted. She chuckles, "You just reminded me of Mister Dead.." She brushes a hand through her hair, smoothing anything that the patting might have messed up. Looking outward again she says, "The lights might twinkle on foggy days or in the distance?" She carefully turns in place, looking for any twinkling light.

"Really?" Jason turns towards Lena and grins, covering his eyes. "How about now? More so? Maybe I should start talking to my silverware?" He starts to meander backwards, heels brushing the edge of the ledge.

Lena frowns as she believes Jason to be mocking Dead. She defends, "You should be more kind, Mister Bard." She cannot help but look where Jason is walking. Seeing his steps brush the edge, a hand moves to her heart as if trying to keep it in her chest. She whispers, not really intending for him to hear, "You will be the death of me.."

Jason peers at Lena between his fingers. "Just poking a little fun. Y'can't tell me the guy doesn't have a sense of humor." Dropping his hands, Jason snorts. "Oh, c'mon, I'm perfectly saaaAAAAAAAFE!" Taking a step back, Jason's foot finds empty air. His expression goes a mixture of surprise and terror, and his arms fly out, trying to instinctively grab something on the way down. No such luck, and he pitches backwards, headfirst, off the edge of the building.

Lena replies, "I didn't mean he was without humur.. I just believe he should not be mocked." Her eyes suddenly widen and she tries to rush forward with her hands out toward him as his arms fly out. When he falls out of her reach, off the edge.. she screams. Definitely a different scream from when he spooked her at her window. The palm of one of her hands loosely covers her mouth, fingers drape across her nose as her eyes water. Sounding quite distressed she calls out, "Bard!" Moving to the edge, she's scared to look down, but has to.

From below, there's a sound of metal wobbling, clanging... And a few moments later, Jason pokes his head up over the edge. As happy as ever, grinning madly. "Yes? What? No need to yell, I'm right here." Goddamn new moons.

Lena sees Jason's happy expression, and covers her face with both of her hands. Her shoulders shaking and some sniffling is evidence enough that she is crying. Not all out, wailing.. because he is okay after all. She admits from behind her hands, "I thought that the fall would have.. would have killed you." She sounds relieved, even though she is crying. She just could not hold that emotion in.

Jason puts on a pitiful pout, and he lays his arms out on the edge of the ledge, chin resting on his hands. "Awwww, don't cry, pretty lady. I'm a Garou. I could get run over by a train, and if you dragged me away to some quiet place for a bit, I'd come back to life. Hell, I think I /have/ gotten run over by a train. You've got nothing to worry about from me, okay?"

Lena turns in place, turning her back to Jason. She can't switch gears as fast as she wants to. Still crying, "A couple of months ago, I never heard of Garou. It takes more time than this to relearn a whole life." Her arms can be seen moving, as her hands wipe at tears on her face. She keeps working on trying to stop. "I don't want anyone to die. And, I like you.. so I want you to die even less." Her hands move into her coat pockets, but she finds no tissues there.

"Just think of time with me as a crash course. Hey hey hey, c'mere..." Jason reaches out towards Lena, gesturing for her to come closer, before he levers himself up onto the ledge again, sitting cross-legged. "No one's expecting you to be awesome all at once. But you'll be tested, and you'll be tested /hard/. Because you're kin, and you can take it." His expression turns more serious then. "And that's a thing to learn. We're Garou. We could die at any time, for any reason. It's rare that Garou even live beyond 30, usually."

Lena lowers her hands and looks over her shoulder toward Jason when he tries to summon her. She turns her body and walks the short distance toward him. Although she is quiet, tears still form in her eyes as her expression starts to go more neutral. She carefully moves to sit next to him, trying not to be too close to the edge of the ledge. Moving one arm to try to give him a hug, which might be awkward at the angle she says, "Not awesome at all once." She adds, "But I will be awesome. I will be.. glorious." The way she says it, sounds almost like an oath.

When Lena comes to sit beside him, Jason turns towards her, stretching one leg out behind the kin, and draping the other one over the building-side ledge so he can scoot up close to her. He drapes his coat over her arm, letting her hug him around his t-shirt clad middle, and he envelopes her in a loose, warm hug. "Fuck yeah, you will be. It's in your blood," he says, looking down at her curiously, his blue eyes lit by the thin moon.

Lena comments, "You're warm." And, she's cold. She ends up leaning in a little more just because the warmth tempts her to. "My father always told me I will be glorious. He was in my corner, no matter what I tried. My parents were good people. The best." Her hug tightens briefly and she confesses without crying, "December is the hardest month without them. I'm lucky to have more people in my life though. You would have liked my father. He was funny like you. My mother was more like me, happy but.. full of secrets."

"I get that a lot," Jason says with a chuckle, and he's easily offering all of that warmth to her, hugging her in close to his chest. His hand strokes lightly over her side now, letting her lean against his chest. "Heh, was he? Maybe he and my da'd get along."

Lena reaches for the hand stroking lightly over her side. If it was just a little lighter, she would have a tickish giggle fit. But she tries to hold his hand, wordlessly drawing lines. / Signaling - Being close, keeping the hug: Ok. Having her side stroked: Awkward today. Try a different time. / She chuckles, "Everyone got along with him. As long as your father is nice, they most likely would get along fantasticly." Switching the subject, "On a more dry night, maybe we can try a taller building. But, please don't walk on the ledge. You might survive it, but you'll give me a heart attack."

Jason's hand is easily pulled away from her side, and he gives her hand a squeeze, also straightening up a little and putting a few millimeters of space between him and her. Sometimes, a Fianna will forget about personal space. It happens. "My dad's the kind of guy who, if you're a nice person, you'll love him. If you're not, you'll hate his guts. He's a great guy, but doesn't put up with any bullshit. Meant that when he did make friends, they were only good people." The Fianna laughs and thumps Lena lightly with two fingers, just below her collarbone. "I'm gettin' you used to the rush of adrenaline. Think of it as training."

Lena remains where she is. She shows signs of being even more comfortable where she is, when Jason creates that small space between them. She doesn't want to get too close to a man, but she is appreciating the comfort of his presence. "I am picky about who I choose as friends, too. I want only good people around me. It's been a complaint by others, that people see me as a friend before I accept someone in that position. But, I just need to be certain. Once someone is my friend, I hide much less from them." When he touches near her collar bone, she chuckles, "I've always been addicted to adrenaline. I get the feeling when I am alone and painting. I need to be alone to get it.. because I need the space. To be able to run next to the canvas, paint with all my being. If someone else is there, they get in the way."

"So you hide who you really are, until you trust a person enough to call them a friend?" Jason leans his head back, peering curiously down her. And her comment about being addicted to adrenaline gets him to bark a laugh. "Okay, now you're pulling my leg. You? An adrenaline junkie? That's like saying a kitten is a crack commando."

Lena shakes her head, "I don't lie. I just don't show all the chapters in my book. For example: You know I like to dress up. Halloween is great for that. But why should I bring my Victorian dress out of my room to show you if the topic never came up?" She tries to picture a kitten crack commando, and laughs. "Alright, so I'm not an extreme junkie. But, I do like the feeling of adrenaline moving through me when I face more intense emotions and capture them in paint."

Jason chuckles. "I didn't say lie. Did I say lie? I think someone has a guilty conscience." He winks broadly at Lena, looking rather proud of himself. "Look. Everyone is careful about how they act around new people. But if you describe yourself as "hiding" things from people you meet, you're probably hiding things more than a normal person does. Which is normal for a Shadow Lord, I guess." Jason shrugs. He gives Lena a baffled look as she describes her painting. "...I think you've been misled as to what the word "adrenaline" means."

Lena turns her head away as he winks at the mention of a guilty conscience. "I don't know what other people hide, so I am not sure if I hide more or less than the rest of the world." When he gives her the baffled look, she blushes. Her eyes widen a little. She never thought herself stupid, but this is certainly a moment, "Really?" She furrows her brow and looks at his chest with an expression of concentration. She looks embarrassed as she asks, "Please define it for me?"

"Take it from me. I've met shitloads of people, and not everyone is as forward as me." Know thyself. "But very few people think they're hiding things from others, unless they actually are." At her question, he chuckles and jerks his head towards the ledge. "Well, adrenaline isn't an emotion. It's a hormone in your body that gets released when you get scared or excited. It makes your heart start pounding, you get hyperattentive, nervous, jittery... If you were an adrenaline junkie, you'd enjoy being terrified, especially of heights."

Lena tilts her head, "Oh. I definitely know I am hiding things from people. I can't tell my best friend about Garou. Some things I hide from people are not my secrets to tell. They're secrets I must keep though." When he describes adrenaline she slowly blushes until the color covers her face and slowly traces down her throat. "That isn't how I feel when painting. When painting, it's like crying when you really need to. Screaming when you feel angry. And afterward, feeling better. I also paint happy things. I look back at the painting and feel it again." The blush is still there, "I think I have experienced adrenaline.. twice around Mister Nichols, actually. When he changed.. it was terrifying. He didn't hurt me, but I didn't feel safe at the time." The blush intensifies, "And when he demonstrated..a challenge. I wanted to run away, but when he reminded me it was pretend, I.. wanted to try it again. But, I would not ask that of him."

"Ahhhh yeah, that sounds like something else. I can't remember the name, but it's the same stuff you get, drugs. And sex." Jason smirks a little, head tilting to look at Lena curiously, letting his bangs fall over his eyes. " want to be around more shifted Garou?" he asks, something in his voice suggesting this is a wonderful idea, to him.

Lena shakes her head, "I don't experiment in stuff like that." When he mentions being around shifted Garou her hand lets go of his and her palm moves to his chest, "Not the monster form." She shakes her head swiftly, "But Mister Nichols has shown me that there is a caveman form and wolf. An actual wolf! Did not look like a dog, though I had expected otherwise." She chuckles.

"Nah, probably a good idea that you don't. Though if you meet any Gaians, they can give you some really pure bud, that's actually good for you. Clears the mind." When Lena puts her hand against Jason's chest, she can feel that his slender form is deceptive, as her fingers fit in the subtle valley of his firm pecs. And Jason's hand settles against her side, not petting this time. "Oh yeah? Which wolf form? The big one or the small one? Becaus the big one is how kin keep warm, when they're around Garou."

Lena shakes her head, "I'm not interested in that sort of thing. I drink sometimes, that is all." She glances at where her hand rests on his chest finding it feels different than expected. "There are ..two wolves? I saw a normal wolf. Like a big dog, but not. With pretty ears." She moves her fingers to trace an ear shape on his chest, without thinking.

"Yup! Here, let me show you," Jason says, patting lightly at Lena's side before he starts to slip away. "You ready? I'll be going through the war form just for a moment, so don't freak out."

Lena widens her eyes. When he slips away she watches, but he mentions 'war form' she brings hand to cover her eyes. Tilting her chin down to make sure she cannot see. Her other hand reaches out in his direction, about the right height to pet a dog, "I don't want to see that.. form. Just let me know, when it's over?" She keeps the hand held out.

Jason rolls his eyes as Lena covers hers, and he reaches out to try and pull her hand from her eyes. "Oh c'mon. It's just for a moment, and it's not even that scary, once you get used to it. If you keep letting yourself be scared of it like that, you'll always be scared. Okay, ready?" Before she can respond, he quickly starts to grow, his spine lengthening and shoulders broadening.

Lena feels her hand pulled from her eyes and before she can respond about being ready or not, she sees him change. A high pitched frightened sound comes from the back of her throat and she leans away. Leaning away while still sitting on the ledge was not the best idea. Feeling nothing at her back makes her turn her hand to try to grasp a hold of Jason's to prevent her from falling. Depending on how he moves, she might even feel him change under her hand. She forces herself to lean forward to shift her balance more on the roof to avoid falling off the ledge. She says, "Maybe this was not the best place.." She experiences that thing that some people have, where they cannot remove their gaze from a car crash. She doesn't want to watch the change, but can't help it.

Possibly before Lena even realizes she's falling, Jason is back in his homid form, and grabbing hold of her hand, pulling her back up with some nervous laughter. "Woah! Hah, okay let's at least get you away from the ledge, okay? C'mon up!" he says, tugging at her to lift her to her feet.

Lena gets to her feet with Jason's assistance, moving closer to him and further from the ledge. She whispers, "I get dizzy sometimes. Please.. tell no one. It's a weakness I prefer to keep secret. I wish I had better balence." After a few moments see improves as the fright passes, taking the the dizzy spell she tried to hide. She then lifts her chin in a defiant manner, trying to face her fear, "I am ready." Her hands move to her sides.

"S'not something to be ashamed of. Besides, guys automatically want to protect a fainting beauty. Lets them feel manly." Jason winks at Lena, reaching up to brush a finger over her chin. And with her this close, his eyes on hers, he focuses on the call of the Beast within him...and starts to grow again, gaining slowly that neanderthal appearance.

Lena furrows her brow at the wink, but otherwise seems to keep a steady expression. She watches his eyes during the change. She whispers, "It looks like it hurts.." Her hands at her sides slide into her coat pockets, hiding that that ball into fists while she tries to be brave.

"Not at all," Jason replies, his voice a raspy rumble as he flashes fangs at her from out of a strong, square jaw. "Feels weird at first, feeling your bones and muscles moving around, though. Okay, here comes the wolf..." He stops his growth, holding up two huge, hairy hands at her. "I wont' be able to talk in English after this, but I'll still be able to understand you. Just remember that, okay? No matter what you see, it's still me." And onward he grows, a muzzle sprouting out of his face, and dark fur sprouting through his clothing that gets sucked into his skin. Those upheld hands start to grow huge claws out of the fingertips.

Lena looks intimidated but keeps her voice level, forced that way, "I've been told it doesn't hurt. Doesn't stop it from looking like it does though." When he warns he won't be able to speak English she replies, "Alright." She tries to look brave, there is genuine effort that can be plainly seen. But when he changes again, it's too scary to not respond. Her chin tilts downward and a frightened sound catches in the back of her throat. He just warned it is still him, and her brain knows that. But instinct still makes her step back.

Jason shifts through his warform as fast as he can, and before Lena's done taking a step back, a thick muzzle slips into her turned down few, the dark nose twitching at it aims sniffs at her kneecaps. Before her, much bigger than any other wolf she's seen before, is a dark Hispo with paws planted on the ground, craaaaning its neck towards her curiously.

Lena looks noticably relieved when Jason is out of Crinos form. When he sniffs near her kneecaps, he might pick up the smell of her lavender soap. The metal smell from the fire escape most likely rubbed off on her coat. Maybe a hint of himself from his tight hug earlier. She takes her hands out of her pocket and moves her left hand to pluck at each finger on the right, before sliding off the glove easily. Then she asks, "Is it safe?" Her right hand extends toward the huge wolf, very much like she has for any pet dogs.

Bridge-Over-Troubled-Waters' ears flick against a gust of wind, his head raising up, to sniff noisly at that outstretched hand. His tail is pointed straight out behind him, and one of his legs lifts, preparing to take a step forward... A /huge/ tongue slips out, and Trouble bathes Lena's outstretched hand in Hispo slobber. His tail begins to wag furiously.

Lena immediately takes her hand back, waving it in the air next to her, "Eeeww!" She looks around, as if expecting a napkin to magically appear. Turning in place she finds no solution except to give into the undignified urge to wipe her hand on her coat. She says to herself, "My goodness.. dry clean only." She exhales a frustrated sigh. Even though he is not looking human at all, she still addresses him by how she knows him, "Mister Bard, that was disgusting."

Her chastising only seems to please the Fianna, and his tail whirrs happily behind him, his tongue lolling out the side of his mouth. His feet finally come unglued, and he takes just two steps towards Lena, before he's giving her a full sniffdown. Just craning his neck up as far as he can go, Trouble is able to get a sniff of her face and next. He smells strongly of wolf musk, while she smells of...well, to his nose, like every single meal she's had in the past few days. Her emotions, her hormones, her health, her cycle, her surroundings... Her most recent life is like an open book to him, now.

Lena turns her head to one side and trying to escape the full sniffdown, she ends up turning in place. She hasn't eaten any red meat and has favored soups: Chicken noodle, cream of broccoli, potato soup. She's indulged in more sweets. Her emotions lately are: hyper-joy, mourning, romantic/heartbreak, fear, curiosity. Her health/immune system is wavering due to not getting enough sleep. Her cycle is due in about one week. She's been at the safehouse again. Alt and Home are daily.

Trouble snorts, his ears laying back in an unrecognizable moment of disappointment. Damn, no hints about if she's found a guy on the side. Ah well, maybe next time. Still, he circles her, and he does that thing where his nose starts getting into...uncomfortable places.

Lena backs away. Her tone sounds like she's been around dogs before, even if she can't really train them, "You said you would be able to understand English.. so I won't believe you if you pretend to not know what is improper." His uncomfortable places sniffing does not give him any clues about having a guy on the side. Or perhaps the complete absence of clues or arousal the past few days is enough of a clue in itself? She turns in place, trying to keep him in view as he circles her. It's impossible for her to look like she had a chance of defending herself if he tried to hurt her, but still she tries not to give her back to a being that looks like an animal. A huge version of one, at that.

Trouble snorts at her chastisement, a good hint that he did hear her, and his circling takes him away from her. He gives her one, short baleful look before he suddenly FLUMPS onto his side away from her. He rolls onto his back, legs pulled against his body as he shows his belly to her, wriggling invitingly. Belly ruuuuuubs!

Lena seems satisfied when he moves away and flumps on his side. She recognizes the belly rub gesture, but only from seeing something similar in pets. She shakes her head, "You're huge. If I put a hand in your fur, I might lose it." She tilts her head to the side, "Become a normal wolf, if you want the belly rub?"

Trouble's tail stops wagging immediately, his ears go back, and Lena gets the /most/ pitiful puppy-dog eyes she's ever seen. Whimper whimper whiiiiimper! 8____8

Lena steps back when she sees his ears go back. Clearly confusing the emotion he is showing. However the puppy-dog eyes and whimper reveal that he is not threatening her. Her face contorts into, 'Awwww.' She moves forward and is lured in by the puppy-dog eyes. She even makes a sound much like, "Awww." The hand that reaches for his belly is the gloved one. The slobbered one is in her pocket. Once she touches his fur, her motion reveals that she has given dogs belly rubs before.

As soon as Lena's hand touches his belly, the whimpering stops. Trouble's eyes close, his head rolls back, and he squirms into her rubbing hand. Pant pant pant pant! <3<3<3 Yayyyyyy bellyrubs!

Lena giggles at the display. She even takes her other hand out of her coat pocket. Using both hands, she gives him a belly rub, giggling again. The rub then changes to a gentle scratching that is favored by the dog of an acquaintance. Depending on his reaction, she would either keep scratching or return to the rubbing.

Trouble wriggles about even more when her other hand comes in, his leg starting to shake. When she changes to scratching, he makes a low, pleased whine and streeeetches his body out, trying to turn her hands to where he wants. This must be a very odd sight.

Lena takes a step to the side, moving her hands along his belly in the scratching motion. His reaction makes her comment, "You're just a big puppy when you're like this.." Even though she's with a huge wolf, her defenses have definitely come down. The wolf form is less threatening, because it never hurt her before.

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