Dotsero Orphanage Charity AuctionEdit

Scene Synopsis: Dotsero Orphanage Charity Auction, organized by the Jocelyn Reynard Foundation.

Characters: Jocelyn, Rena, Lena and David

Date: November 28-29, 2010, December 2, 2010

Location: The Ponderosa Lodge is a huge structure, the walls and floors made mostly with the pines for which it is named. The banquet room in which the charity auction is being held is almost as tall as it is wide, with large lanterns of honey colored glass hanging down from the beams. There are large fireplaces, but they remain unlit and closed, and luckily the lodge has been modernized enough that there is a heating system in place. The entire room has been decorated in forest green and silver-colored accents, providing a festive, wintry atmosphere. To one side of the room are tables for the dinner, covered in dark green tablecloths and silver plates and napkins. (No, not /actual/ silver.) There's a small stage for the musicians, with microphones set up to allow any speeches or the music to be heard throughout the area. Around the stage is a cleared area, allowing space for dancing should any desire to do so. The artwork is set up on various tables throughout the room, with notes explaining who created them and the motivation or history behind each piece. There are ropes keeping the guests from touching the art, but allowing them close enough to sign their names and bid amounts to the auction sheets. The art includes paintings, sculptures, pastels, and photographs. There is also a table set up that displays information about the Dotsero Orphanage, including pictures of the building and children. Bathrooms are just down the hall, and the large double-doors at the end of the banquet area lead out to a patio overlooking the river, in case anyone desires some fresh air. The event has attracted some media attention, and there's a few reporters milling about the crowd, taking notes and pictures. (Lily and The Weeping Stones, Majesty and After The Rain paintings are present.)

Part IEdit

November 28, 2010:

Jocelyn has been at the lodge for hours, making sure that everything is prepared for when the guests arrive, seeing to all the last minute details. She's dressed in a long, slim evening gown of a light blue color, with complimenting sapphire earrings. Her blonde hair is pulled up elegantly, a silver colored ribbon holding it up. Now that it nears the time when the event will start, Jocelyn paces the length of the hall, giving everything one last nervous look-over. "I believe... we might just be ready."

"You're the boss," calls one of the musicians currently setting up on stage. He flashes the Kin a broad grin, before ducking through the shoulder strap of his saxophone and playing a soft note for the others to follow. There's also a guitarist, drummer, pianist, and of course, the cellist. Rena seats herself with the help of one of her fellow musicians, resting the body of her instrument gently against her thighs. A black, floor-lenth capped-sleeve gown hugs her form, tastefully accentuating the curve of her neck and waist. Black high heels complete the outfit, the delicate closure wrapping neatly around her ankles, and her curly hair has been pulled back with an ornate clip. Tilting her head against the neck of the instrument, the Kin smiles as she carefully turns the tuning pegs to match the saxophone's soft, melancholy note.

Lena took extra time to get ready for the charity auction. The low cut, little black dress she saved up for can almost be classified as a weapon the way it is worn on her body. Long white elbow length gloves covers her hands and she is wearing a sterling silver locket around her neck (+details lena locket) and a thin black ribbon ties securely at her throat to form a choker. Her hair is worn half-up, but a few loose tendrils must be brushed aside now and then. She arrives alone, refusing the company of anyone that offered to escort or transport her. Thus, this elegantly dressed young woman slides out of a cab and walks to the entrance of the Ponderosa Lodge. If security requests identification, she shows them, a drivers license for, 'Helena Doyle.' Then she walks herself in with a polite smile that carries a bit of uncharacteristic iciness to it.

Jocelyn stops as she nears the stage, smiling up at the musicians. "Rena, you look /lovely/ in that dress! Thank you all again for coming. I'm looking forward to hearing your selections." Spotting another entering, Jocelyn turns to see Lena, and she offers the other woman an excited, welcoming smile. "Lena!" she calls in greeting, offering a wave to the other woman. The three paintings are scattered around the room, but they're definitely in key positions, perhaps a small sign of favoritism.

Rena lifts her head to smile at Joceyln's comment, a light blush rising to her cheeks. "Thank you!" She replies. "Don't thank me -- thank the boys. They're the ones who really brought this together. Of course, if anything goes wrong, you can go ahead and blame them, too." She grins. At hearing themselves mentioned, the other musicians all lift a hand to wave at Jocelyn, before going back to tuning the instruments and finishing up with one final sound check. "Let's get this show started."

Lena moves through Lodge led more by noise than sight for a few moments. When she hears her name called, she turns to face Jocelyn. She replies, "Hello, Miss Jocelyn." Her voice is less bright than normal, but she has a polite smile on. She blushes lightly and emotion flashes in her eyes that is difficult to read considering how she turns her head away quickly. Looking around the room, seeing the prime locations her art has been placed in, she looks a bit.. guilty. She slips a hand in her purse and retrieves her cellphone. Pushing a button, the screen lights up to reveal an old message. Text from b1na4y: 'You ARE a good girl. You're not evil. I love you just the way you are.' With a small nod at the reminder, she puts the phone away and her demeanor slowly grows more confident and pleasant again.

Jocelyn chuckles. "I'll be sure to remember that. I'm sure everything will go smoothly, though. So don't worry!" She offers the other musicians a friendly wave, and then she steps away, letting them finish their preparations. She turns to head for Lena just as the woman puts away her phone, thus missing that guiltier expression. "Nervous?" she asks, grinning. "I don't think you should be. Your paintings are /beautiful/. Especially 'After the Rain'. I keep expecting him to step right off of the canvas."

Rena settles back into her chair, a light smile on her features as she sets the her bow on the music stand in front of her, fingers poised over the strings. The drummer starts out with a light jazz beat, playing a few bars before the other instruments join in. It's a light, feel good background music type of piece, with Rena plucking the strings of the cello as if it were an upright base.

Lena turns her head as Jocelyn speaks. She replies softly, "A bit. Lately, I find what I expect is the opposite of reality." She sighs and turns her head to look at After The Rain, "Yes.. I could not help but spend more time on him. I created the look of the perfect man." She smiles at the painting, dreamily, "If he could step off the canvas, I'd want to meet him and see if his personality matched his look." Her expression looks sad for a moment and then she snaps her Mask of Polite Neutrality on. Straightening her posture, she lets a polite smile rest on her lips, allowing herself to look more pleasant instead of sad. "I am glad you like the paintings. I hope they help your cause." A hint of a genuine smile shows, revealing her last statements to be absolutely true in her mind. At the sound of the drum, Lena turns her head toward where Rena and the rest of the musicians are.

Jocelyn gives Lena a sympathetic smile, sensing the woman's unusual mood. "He really does appear to be perfect. And I'm /sure/ they'll help. To be honest, your paintings are among my favorite works here," she adds in a lower voice. "Well, and the photograph of the lone pine near the river. There's something moving about that one." As Rena begins to play those first few notes, the air grows a touch cooler around her, and she feels a pressure against her shoulder, as if someone was resting a hand there.

On stage, Rena gives a sudden, sharp breath, sitting up a little straighter. Nevertheless, only somone exceptionally well acquainted with the piece they're playing would notice the fact that she skips a measure before jumping back in, a resolute expression on her features. The pianist does glance in her direction, lifting a brow as his fingers dance along the keys. "Let's give a round of applause to Miss Jocelyn for organizing this event," he remarks as the song comes to an end, in a voice that sounds like it was made for radio. The music picks up the pace a little, changing to an exotic bossa nova that invites a few adventurous souls out onto the dance floor. Rena picks up her bow, a resolute expression on her features as they launch into the next set.

Lena gives a nod to Jocelyn. Clearly part of her wishes she could keep After The Rain, but hopefully it will raise enough money to soothe that ache. "I am considering painting a Victorian Lady in the future, perhaps in time for Christmas." As the photograph is mentioned, it catches her interest, "Please show me the photograph? I have not had the chance to see anyone elses pieces." As Lena hears more of the music played, she closes her eyes and listens. Sometimes a slave to her senses, she indulges in just listening. A sound kin to a moan catches in her throat and then she sighs. As her eyes open she speaks softly, "Music is part of the soul. But, oh.. how I love the sound of strings." She turns her head to look toward Rena with a warm smile, grateful for the pleasant experience of hearing the music, even though her eyes would never see the expression. When the pianist suggests applause for Jocelyn, she turns her head to look at Jo and applauds. Her hands move in an elegant fashion, but the volume of her clapping shows effort instead of an empty gesture. When the applause from others come to an end, she rests her hands at her sides and watches as a few move people move to the dance floor. She looks interested and shy at the same time, like a girl at a middle school dance.

Jocelyn gives Lena a bright smile. "Of course! I'd be glad to show you the other pieces. And I'd be interested in seeing this Victorian Lady once you're finished with it. Someday, I'd love to purchase one of your paintings. Maybe even today!" she says with a chuckle. Now that others have arrived, the hall is beginning to bustle with activity. People mill about the artwork, taking time to examine the pieces and the notes regarding them, others have made their way to the tables, sitting down as servers approach to offer them drinks. "Rena is quite good, isn't she?" remarks Jocelyn as she leads the way towards the photograph. "I was /so/ glad she was willing to organize the music. It certainly adds a special element to the evening, much better than I could have arranged without her." She halts at the sound of the applause, blushing a little as she gives everyone a brilliant smile and a nod of thanks. That pressure on Rena's shoulder disappears between the songs, but that sense of someone /watching/ lingers, the tingling sense of someone just behind her. Lena isn't the only one looking like they're at a school dance. A few of the men present are giving her interested looks, perhaps working up the courage to approach the lovely, unescorted woman.

As more people are pulled out onto the dance floor, the music picks up its pace into a lively jive. The musicians seem to move as one unified group, a sense of relaxed comfort emenating from them the gives the impression that they have a lot of experience working together. All of them are smiling, except for Rena, who seems to have a very serious expression on her features as the saxophone player launches into a solo. As the round of solos is passed off to her, however, the young woman seems to relax, her body swaying to the music, embracing the instrument between her arms as if it were a beloved dance partner. Lena smiles in regard to the Victorian Lady idea, "I have a Victorian dress. Over time I have been carefully trying to put together an outfit. I think that dress would be the main focus of the painting.. imagined as how it might have looked when it was new." As for Jo purchasing a painting she comments, "It is not uncommon for one to purchase a painting of themselves. I would be quite flattered if you liked it enough to bid on it." As move people mill about, Lena brings one of her gloved hands to touch the locket by her heart. Being one of the two sterling silver pieces she is holding onto, it brings her emotional comfort. "Miss Rena is very good. I wish I had heard her play sooner. I feel I might have to beg to hear her again after today." Lena does not notice anyone looking her way. Her attention ping-pongs from the music, to Jo, to the dancers, glancing toward the different types of art on display. Her mind wraps in ribbons of imagination as much of what is around her is so inspiring. When Rena enters her solo piece, Lena turns her head to set her gaze on Rena almost immediately. Smiling, she consumed by the sense of sound.. drifting on the musicial strings delightfully.

"Oh, we should /so/ have a Victorian themed event someday!" says Jocelyn, her smile widening. "I have /such/ a weakness for the hats. I've purchased a few since moving here." She blushes as the painting of herself is mentioned, and she glances towards where it is displayed. "You do not think that would be considered conceited? I /do/ like it. You're very talented." As Rena begins her solo, Jo's attention is demanded by a few of the other guests, and she smiles as she chats with them. Which gives the young men in the room the perfect opportunity to approach Lena. One young man, dressed in a suite with a blue striped tie, approaches her with a smile. "Lovely evening, isn't it?" he asks.

Lena widens her eyes and otherwise, her expression goes almost blank. She replies, "Maybe, someday." When Jo shifts to talking about the painting of herself, Lena visibly relaxes, "For centuries people have approached artists to have their portaits done. Just as having a photograph of yourself is not vain, nor is owning a painting." When Jo is taken away by other guests, Lena politely smiles and nods, letting the other woman know she is alright on her own. She turns to walk away, intending to view the art in the room that is not her own. However, approached by someone, it would be rude to ignore. She politely responds, "Indeed, a lovely evening." Her gaze glances toward the tie, but the look is not too lingering. Certainly not rude, as she makes herself

From there, Jocelyn moves about the room, greeting guests, encouraging them each to go look at the artwork and bid. The young man that approached Lena smiles again. "My name's Charles. I noticed you glancing towards the dance floor. Would you... like to dance?" he asks, offering out his arm to her. As Rena and the musicians finish the next song, there's a faint whisper that Rena, at least, can hear. Sounds like it says 'Encore'. Rena lets out a contented sigh as they finish the set, letting the wave of quiet applause and ambient noise from the hall wash over her as the pianist sounds off to give credit to the individual members of the group "... Chaz Baker on drums, and Rena Mei Akana on cello. We're going to take a break, but we'll be back for another set shortly." The musicians stand gratefully, stretching and casting eager looks at the food. Rena, however, remains seated, her bow poised over the springs. As one of her counterparts offers her their arm, she shakes her head, looking confused as she asks, "But ... weren't we going to do another one?"

Lena bends her knees and lowers her head in a bow of a nod, making her form move in a brief, modern curtsey. "A pleasure to meet you, Mister Charles. I'm Lena Doyle." She would offer a hand for a handshake, but at the offer to dance, she glances toward the other dancers. Then back at Charles, "I'm not quite sure how well I would do. But, it can't hurt to try?" She reaches out to place her hand in the bend of the offered elbow. Her touch is light, and the rest of her body stays some distance away displaying a skittishness about touching a male. When the music stops and the musicians are named, as well as the mention of a break.. Lena moves her hand to take it away from Charles' elbow. With a glance toward the musicians she politely says, "Perhaps another time, Mister Charles." She takes a half-step backward. 'Encore!' insists the voice beside Rena, sounding more upset as the musicians begin to stand. Charles, who had looked beyond delighted when Lena accepted his offer to dance, looks about as equally disappointed when the musicians claim a break. "Yes. I'll see if you're free once they're playing again, Miss Doyle. You are the painter, correct?" he adds, motioning towards 'After the Rain'. "Your pieces are extraordinary. I hope to be able to add one to my collection."

"Hey, after we eat, yeah? Aren't you starving?" One of the musicians says with a grin and then, in a quieter voice, "... Rena?" The young woman gives a sudden shake of her head, starting to stand, fingers gripping tightly at the neck of her instrument. "Oh, right--" She says. The other musicians seem to be chomping at the bit, enough so that when Rena makes a motion to move, they hop joyfully off of the stage.

Lena gives a nod to Charles, showing that she would not mind an attempt to dance later. When he asks about her being the painter, she nods quickly, smiling as he compliments her work. A light blush forms on her cheeks and she takes another half-step away from him when he mentions hoping to add one to his collection. Is this just another man trying to buy her affections like she was a hooker? She glances down at the ground, hiding some emotion and perhaps pulling off looking as demure as she is beautiful. Thinking of the orphans, she stops looking at the ground, politely smiling as she looks him in the eyes, "There are auction sheets by each piece being auctioned off today.."

Charles blinks at her, perhaps surprised by the shyness, and then he gives a light smile. "I ought to go check if I've been outbid yet. Until later, Miss Doyle." He offers her a friendly nod, and then heads toward 'After the Rain'. That painting certainly is getting a lot of attention. Almost as soon as he heads off, one of the journalists approaches Lena, offering her a charming smile. "Lena Doyle, correct? Andy Hartman with the Crystal Culture. Might I ask you a few questions?" Jocelyn, meanwhile, makes her way towards the stage as the musicians call for a break. "Rena, the songs sound /great/. Everyone's enjoying themselves. And more than I expected are dancing," she says, sounding definitely pleased. "Need help getting to the tables?" she offers.

Rena starts slightly as she is addressed, though the tension seems to melt from her shoulders as she recognizes Jocelyn's voice. "Oh--" she replies, a faint smile working onto her lips. "Oh, I'm so glad you're enjoying it! That's the best part, getting people to relax, dance, enjoy themselves." She sets the bow down, before laying the cello on its side. "Sure, that sounds wonderful."

Lena widens her eyes and blushes a bit more as Charles reveals he had already bid on one of her paintings. She gives him a nod, "Until later, Mister Charles." As he leaves, she takes a step forward only to find her trajectory cut off by another person approaching. She gives a nod confirming her identity, "Yes, I am Lena Doyle." As the journalist introduces himself, she looks geniunely flattered that he would want to ask her questions. "A few questions? ..Alright." She tilts her head, her expression is that of curiosity.

Jocelyn waits for Rena to descend from the stage, offering her arm to the other girl. "I think we'll raise a lot tonight, too. Before you start up again, I'd like to give a little talk. Just to forewarn you. We'll wait until people have settled, had a chance to look around." She gives a glance towards the door, as if waiting for someone, frowning softly. As she leads Rena away from the stage, there's a low hum that sounds like a bow being drawn across a cello. A single, longing note. The journalist looks quite pleased as Lena agrees to answer him. "Excellent! You have some amazing pieces here. How long have you been painting?"

Rena takes Jocelyn's arm, giving it a little squeeze. "That's good to hear; the boys will be happy, too." There is a pause. "Though, I think their stomachs will be happier," she laughs. "Thanks for the fair warni--" Rena stops suddenly, turning her head in the direction of that long, sorrowful note. "Is someone up on stage?" she asks, brows knitting.

Lena politely smiles as the journalist looks pleased. When he compliments her art she replies, "How kind of you to say so, Mister Hartman." In regard to how long she's been painting, "Hmm.. I can't quite remember when I actually started painting. My parents always encouraged creativity. However, I became much more serious about painting in high school, I went to college locally studying art to improve. I feel as if a paintbrush has been near me almost always." Speaking conversationally, not even thinking that anything she says might be on the record since she's speaking with a journalist, "Do you paint, Mister Hartman? If not.. I highly recommend it."

Jocelyn glances back towards the stage, her frown deepening as she places a hand on Rena's arm. "No, there isn't... Perhaps the wind," she suggests. And the air around them /does/ feel a bit more chill for a moment. "It /is/ a large log cabin. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a draft, however well it's been built." Meanwhile, Hartman listens intently to Lena's answers, jotting down a few notes as she speaks. "All that practice certainly shows in your art. I'm particularly interested in 'After the Rain'. What was your inspiration for that painting?"

A soft frown traces its way across Rena's features, and she shivers, small bumps appearing on her skin as the hair on her arms stand up. "Maybe ..." she replies, drawing in a soft breath. The young woman shakes her head, rolling her shoulders as if to shrug away from someone who's had their hand there. "So, what's for dinner?"

Lena notices Hartman jot down notes. It dawns on her that is really is being interviewed. She smiles and blushes as she tries to hide her excitement at this realization. On the outside, it just might look like she is flattered by the attention? She replies, "You are very kind, Mister Hartman." Her head tilts downward in a shy manner. When he asks about After The Rain, she looks up, toward the painting. Then back at Hartman. "I very much like the Victorian era. The look in particular, but also the romance. I've nearly memorized the Language of Flowers." She smiles brightly, proud. "I took all the fashion I admire and dressed a man I wish I could meet. His eyes as warm and as kind as I could possibly paint." It should be -quite- obvious the young woman is a hopeless romantic. "And, I like how after a good storm, everything looks shiny and new. Full of possiblity and potential."

"Chicken marsala or bass in a wine sauce," answers Jocelyn. "And there's a vegetarian option as well." She guides Rena to a table, glancing back towards Lena to make sure she's alright. "Looks like the reporters have already found our painter." Hartman gives Lena a wide smile as he makes note of those details. "You certainly paint a charming picture of this young man. And he looks extraordinarily life-like. It's impressive that you're donating a painting of that caliber. Any ideas how much a painting like that might be worth?"

"Mmm. Chicken sounds wonderful," Rena replies, taking her seat. She rests a hand on her stomach, however. Funny, how a faint start can take away a great deal of your apetite. As Jocelyn remarks on Lena's interview, the cellist pauses a moment to listen, before letting out a soft laugh. "That's good. She should be enjoying the positive attention while she can."

Lena blushes and brings a gloved hand to touch her cheek, "I did not have a model for this painting, which gives him a personality all his own." She admits, "I will miss the painting, but it is for such a good cause. I wish I had more to offer." As for how much the painting might be worth, she shakes her head, "My mother taught me it was impolite to dicuss money, Mister Hartman. I will only say this.. The Dotsero Orphanage is worth a great deal, -that- is where the focus should be. Don't you agree?"

"I'll go let the servers know to get you some," says Jocelyn. "I really should've eaten beforehand myself. So many people to greet!" As Jocelyn steps away, Rena feels a light tap on her shoulder. There's a pause before the tap is felt again, whatever her reaction, this time a bit more insistent. Mr. Hartman laughs lightly at Lena's response, nodding. "It certainly is! Speaking of that, I need to find the orphanage's director for a few questions, but it was a pleasure to meet you, Miss Doyle. Oh! But first, could I get a picture of you next to one of your paintings?"

Rena laughs, resting a hand on Jocelyn's arm before she departs. "It's always difficult to enjoy your own party, isn't it?" She laughs at that, settling back into her chair with a pensive expression. It takes that tap to take her out of the reverie, and she sits up, turning her head and looking a little put off by the second tap. "Yes?"

Lena lowers her head in a nod, and smiles warmly as Hartman agrees with her statement. Finding him a pleasant fellow, her tone reflects this as she resplies, "It was a pleasure to meet you, Mister Hartman." When he asks for a picture she nods her head, "Certainly. How about with After The Rain?" She walks toward the painting and smiles again at Hartman. Then she turns her face slightly away so she is not looking directly at any camera. Raising a gloved hand toward the 5x7 foot canvas painting of the Victorian gentleman, it looks like she is inviting him to step out of the canvas and join her. She looks charmed by the stranger in the canvas, but at the same time 'on' as she poses knowing the camera is on her. She stays like this, waiting for Hartman to take the photo and direct her if he wants another. The combination of romanticized Victorian gentleman and beautiful woman in a dress that should be classified weapon, might catch the attention of others? Should anyone else take out a camera or phone and ask her to stay, she would linger in this posed position.

Jocelyn chuckles at Rena. "It certainly is!" And then she's off, stopping the nearest waiter to let them know of Rena's order. It's important that the musicians eat in a timely manner afterall. As Rena answers that tap, the drummer gives her an odd look. "You say something, Rena?" he asks from where he's sitting. There's no one there. That tap, however, turns into a light tug on her sleeve. Meanwhile, Hartman takes a couple pictures before offering his thanks. He is not, however, the only one that takes the opportunity, and soon a small gathering forms around Lena and the painting, snapping photographs. It also inspires a few more bids, as people line up ones the picture-taking ends.

"Hmm?" Rena asks, turning her attention quickly back to her co-worker. "No, no, nothing I didn't say -- I said, bass? Are you having the bass, Chaz?" The cellist's brows knit, and she swallows. "Would you excuse me, for a moment?" she asks, drawing in a deep breath and pushing herself into a stand. Lena starts to feel a bit nervous inside as her posing ends up feeling a bit paparazzi-ish in her mind. But, she keeps her expression. The only thing that gives away her feelings as a blush that cannot be avoided. Once the picture-taking seems to end, she turns and curtsies to the painting as if thanking him for putting up with being in a photo with her. She couldn't address Hartman before he walked away, due to holding her pose for others. But should he look at her during the evening she would certainly acknowledge him with a polite smile and a nod. She noticed a few more bigs being placed, but tried to look like she did not notice. Instead, she walks a bit away from the painting, letting her blush fade.

"I am, in fact!" answers Chaz. "You know I love fish. Sure..." There's a touch of concern in the drummer's voice as she stands up, though. She's been acting a bit off. There's no more tugging, but Rena can somehow 'sense' where to go. A feeling in her gut, you might say. A few more pictures are snapped of that curtesy. It's just so cute! As she walks away from the painting, Jocelyn intercepts her again. "Lena! There you are. You ought to get a bite to eat while you can. Rena's sitting over there," she adds, motioning towards the cellist that's just standing. "I have a few more things to check on, but things are going well! Your paintings are quite popular!"

"I'll be back," Rena assures the drummer, giving him a soft pat on the shoulder. She turns to walk off, an action which receives several odd looks from the people who notice the 'blind' woman crossing the room with no guide, and seemingly no trouble. The young woman moves slowly, as if sleepwalking or in a daze. "What do you want?" she can be heard to murmur.

Lena did not notice anyone taking photos of her curtsey, since her attention was on the painting in that moment. As Jo intercepts she looks toward where Rena is indicated, "Alright.." She gives a nod at Jo's report, "I spoke with Mister Andy Hartman from the Crystal Culture.. I did not expect that. I do hope the paintings will raise a lot for the Dotsero Orphanage." She glances over her shoulder toward After The Rain and sighs softly. Turning back toward Jo she asks, "Will I be allowed to know who won them?" She waits for an answer and then gives a nod, "I will go by Miss Rena, I don't want to hold you too long." She begins to walk toward the table Rena was at, hesitating at the table due to Rena walking on her own. Turning to move to Rena she approaches from the side. The smell of lavender and the sound of her voice heralds her arrival, "Hello Miss Rena. May I join you?" If the coldness is still in the air by her, she noticeably shivers.

Jocelyn grins at Lena. "I'm pretty pleased by who's in attendance. Crystal Culture is definitely a pleasant surprised." When Lena looks back at the painting, she might notice one pale man standing before the painting, staring at it as if enraptured. Apparently, it's a crowd favorite tonight. "And we'll announce the winners by the end of the night, yes, but not the amount raised until later, since we're also encouraging freewill offerings that will need to be counted." She gives Lena a little wave, and then disappears into the crowd once more. Rena's question just leads to another shiver. Come farther, farther...

Rena stops in her trajectory as Lena approaches, and she draws in a deep breath, shivering as it waking from a sound sleep. "Lena," she murmurs, as if it were the first time she had heard that name spoken. There is a soft frown at the other young woman's suggestion, and Rena replies, "Why don't you have a seat?" Her voice is firm, but not unkind, as if she were reassuring a small child. "I think there's a plate waiting for you. I'll be there in a moment."

Lena smiles when she sees that pale man enraptured by the painting. In fact, when joining Rena, she glances back toward him once or twice more hoping to remember his face. Such an expression taking hold of his features, while looking at her art, is more flattering than spoken words. Lena rubs a gloved hand on her upper arm while looking at Rena. Addressing Rena, "You play beautifully." Lowering her voice, trying to make her words private between just Rena and herself, "Though I focus on the violin.. I would love to learn some beginner pieces on the Cello.. if you might ever have time to teach?" She finds Rena's ability inspiring. When she hears Rena's reassuring voice suggesting she take a seat, she submits immediately, responding to the tone that soothed her when she was afraid at safehouse. "Alright, I will wait for you at the table."

This way, this way... It's like the chill air forms a pathway for Rena, the opposite of a game of hot and cold. The colder it is, the more sure that Rena feels about her path. At least, that it's where she's /wanted/. It leads towards an adjacent, empty room. As Lena sits, Chaz, the drummer, is watching Rena depart with a frown. "Any idea what she's up to? Acting strange tonight... And how's she know where she's going?" He gives a questioning look to the other musicians, who give a shrug. Meanwhile, the man who's been staring so lovingly at Lena's painting shakes himself out of it with a sigh, then signs his name for a bid of 'After the Rain' before he turns, looking around until he spots Lena sitting amongst the tables, and then he heads in that direction. Jocelyn, meanwhile, in her blue evening gown and sapphires, is standing near the table displaying the orphanage information, speaking with some of the guests and encouraging them to bid or donate. And, of course, to enjoy themselves.

Rena is standing between the dinner tables and the stage, speaking quietly with Lena. "Thank you," Rena replies, reaching out to touch the young artist's arm with a gracious smile. At the mention of lessons, the cellist frowns slightly. "It's not exactly a matter of time--" There's that tug again, and Rena shivers once more, before giving Lena's hand a light squeeze. "We can talk when I get back." As she finds herself in that empty room at the end of the invisible trail, the Kin draws in a deep breath, opening her senses to her surroundings as she tries to understand just what is going on, trembling slightly, though this time not from the cold.

Lena ..sitting, looks to Chaz and admits, "I'm not sure where, but she told me to have a seat." She politely smiles at all the musicians, "You all play very well. It was a delight to listen to you perform. I look forward to your second set." Glancing toward the pale man near After The Rain, hoping to see that expression again.. she sees him sign the paper to bid. She then notices he actually is heading her way. Standing from the table, without having a bite to eat or a sip to drink, she walks a few steps toward the pale man. A gloved hand goes to her heart and touches her sterling silver locket as she draws in a deep breath, nervous about approaching the pale man.

The toilets in this place are quiet, so David's entrance from a side door just appears as if he's fashionably late. He smiles, dressed in an immaculate white tuxedo, clear crystal inset in strategic places to draw the eye, without being obvious. He lets his gaze sweep over the crowd...and it settles, of course, on the vision of loveliness that is his girlfriend. He smiles and strides over towards her, slowing as he approaches to catch some of the conversation. His gaze keeps wandering, picking out Rena and Lena with a smile. From this distance, they look to be doing just fine, though he does notice odd looks on their faces. They must be nervous about being in such a fancy setting. At least the elegant Silver Fang he's approaching is comfortable in this atmosphere, he muses.

The room Rena steps into is definitely cold, as if it hadn't been included in the heating that fills the rest of the lodge. She can feel the floorboards creak under her feet, almost as if they were loose. "Encore," she hears whispered again, this time urgently from behind. And then she's given an over enthusiastic /shove/ towards the center of the room. The band members all offer their thanks to Lena at her praise, and then they resume eating. And then, of course, her focus is on that pale man, who's watching her with a similar fascination with which he'd regarded her painting. "Miss Doyle?" he asks, offering her a charming smile. "If so, you're even more artful than your painting. Beauty begets beauty?" As Jocelyn spots David, she gives him a brilliant smile, and once her conversation has finished, she steps over to give him a kiss on the cheek. "Everything is splendid! There's even a reporter from Crystal Culture here. And Lena's paintings are /amazing/, have you seen them? I believe she and Rena are eating at the moment." She glances towards the tables, frowning as she doesn't see Rena.

"What do you want?" Rena repeats the earlier question, drawing in a deep, shakey breath. And then, suddenly, there is as startled shriek from off the main hall, as Rena finds herself being shoved forward, thrusting her hands out in front of her as she stumbles to floor of the old, abandoned room. With all of the hum and chatter of the auction outside, and the mood music playing over the speakers now that the musicians are taking a break, one wonders whether anyone would hear her.

Lena turns her head to the side slightly as she draws in another breath, trying to look calm as she takes one more step toward the pale man. She catches a glimpse of David during a moment that seems that he is looking elsewhere. Distracted, she trips over her own feet, taking an awkward step forward required to keep herself from landing on the floor. During this a gloved hand reaches out for the pale man's arm to help support her. She blushes looking at Mr. Pale, "I'm so sorry." Moving her hand away she gives a nod, "I am Lena Doyle. Usually I am a little better on my feet." She chuckles at herself. His expression just makes her blush all the more as she must confess why she walked over, "I saw you looking at After The Rain. It's so very rare to see someone so captivated." Her tone of voice reveals she is flattered. She speaks softly, "You have me at a disadvantage.. what is your name?" Then, suddenly she turns her head sharply as her body tenses hearing a dissonant sound. Still speaking to Mr. Pale she asks, "What..? We should go.." She moves in the direction of the sound, but only attempts to walk swiftly since she is in high heels.

"That's good news, good news! Ah, Miss Doyle is being approached by a few gentlemen, by the looks of it. Miss Akana....hmmm, I haven't seen--" That scream breaks David's train of though, catching his attention, as well as that of many of the patrons. He frowns, before starting to move off. "I should go see what that was. Ladies." He nods to the people Jocelyn was talking to, smiling as he heads off at a brisk clip towards the room Rena fell in. As Rena lands on the floor, after her scream dies away, she can hear the sound of faint scratching beneath the floorboards. Like something struggling to get out... The pale man reaches out to help Lena catch her balance, chuckling softly. "No need to apologize. I imagine tonight has been quite busy for you. A little overwhelming, all the attention? Ah, yes. My name is Justin Burke," he offers. He looks about to say more when she tenses and heads towards the room the scream came from. So? He follows. Jocelyn likewise tenses, clutching David's arm for a moment. "Yes, go see," she agrees, giving him a grateful smile. Meanwhile, she busies herself with walking around the room, reassuring anyone that that all is fine. Someone was merely started. A spider, perhaps?

Most people would probably be a little freaked out in this situation, and having had some experience with the supernatural in this case does /not/ seem to help Rena's predicament, as her mind jumps to conclusions about just whaat might be hidden beneath the floorboards. With a sharp breath she pushes herself backwards; her valiant companions will find her pressed up against whatever object happens to first block her way, looking rather pale, her chest rising and falling in sharp, panicked breaths.

Lena takes a half-step away from Justin once she is steady on her feet. The icy wall kept around her in regard to the males in the room, seems to not be quite so chilly toward the pale man. She nods her head, grateful for his choice of words and admits, "Very busy." When he gives his name she smiles politely, "A pleasure to meet you Mister Burke." However, there is nothing else spoken since she is leading the way to the noise she heard. Due to where she was in the room, and not the speed of her footsteps, she arrives at the door a few seconds before David, but sees him approaching. Blushing, she says not a word, but opens the door for him to cross over the threshold without having to pause for the door. Really, it makes sense to let a Garou enter first when you hear a scream, right? Should he show any sign of pausing or slowing down to say anything, she would shake her head with a concerned expression and utter, "Hurry." She might be stuck there holding the door if more than one person was going to investigate, but then she steps through.

David pats Jocelyn's hand reassuringly, before pushing through to the edge of the room, where he picks up into a power walk that carries him quickly towards the empty room. Lena is spied, and he smiles charmingly for her, nodding appreciatively as he marches past, mind occupied with other things more important than relationship angst. Rounding the corner, and spotting Rena on the ground, his eyes widen as he heads over and stoops to help her up. "Oh dear, oh dear. Please tell me that was just a loose floorboard. Are you quite alright, Miss Akana?"

For those that can hear it, that soft scratching continues beneath the center floorboards. Once he arrives, Justin reaches out to hold the door, smiling at Lena and allowing her to enter. "Is everything alright?" he asks, giving David and Rena a polite, concerned smile.

"David," Rena says with a relieved breath, reaching out to clutch at his arm as he helps her up. It must be a rare occasion, indeed, if she uses his first name. "Somebody--it was--there's something under the floor," she stammers. Honestly, it's a bit difficult to explain the entire night's events in one sentence. The Kin seems to wise up a little after that, however, as with a sudden flush to her cheeks she asks, "Who else is here?"

Part IIEdit

November 29, 2010:

Lena only gives a hint of a smile to David as he smiles charmingly for her. Her mind is on the sound she had heard.. nodding in response, as he marches past. She looks grateful that she's not alone in investigating. In fact, she only has confirmation that Justin followed when she hears his voice asking if everything was alright. She moves to Rena speaking to identify herself as present, with a concerned tone of voice, "Miss Rena.." Her head turns, looking toward the center of the floorboards, as she hears that sound. She confirms Rena's words, "I hear something..scratching." A gloved hand moves to indicate where she thinks it is coming from.

"Probably just rats," David says automatically, though the sound of that scratching stops his train of thought, and he frowns at the floor curiously. Hmmm... Glancing over his shoulder at the greeting, David gives his best disarming smile to the man who's just appeared. "Everything is fine, yes. Just a nasty fall."

Justin looks between the three and then he nods, offering a smile. "I'm sorry to hear about the fall, and I hope that you recover swiftly, Miss Akana," he offers. "As it looks like you have this under control, Mr. Green, I shall return to the party. Miss Doyle..." And here his smile turns even more charming, even reaching his green-gray eyes as he offers out his hand to her. "Perhaps later you would grace me with a dance." Meanwhile, that scratching has changed to a light pounding. Only Justin appears to fail to notice it.

As the sound increases in volume, Rena's grip tightens significantly on David's arm, and she looks like she's just about ready to melt back into the wall, if that were at all physically possible. It's probably a good thing that she keeps her fingernails short in order not to interfere with playing the cello. "Uhm--" The Kin draws in a deep breath, waiting for the stranger to retreat before murmuring, "... I don't think it's just rats ... there's someone here."

Lena widens her eyes and draws in a quick breath at the mention of rats. As Justin is addressed, her expression transforms from disturbed at the mention of rats, to a forced polite expression as she turns toward the pale man and nods her head after David has spoken. She smiles a little, seeming charmed as she nods her head confirming she'd dance later, "Kind of you to ask. Makes me wish I had a dance card. I could certainly try to dance." As the scratching turns to pounding her expression breaks, revealing disturbance as she turns her head quickly toward the sound. Rena's mention of someone being here, makes her look toward the sound all the more intently, due to not seeing anyone else present. Her curiosity gets the better of her, making her move one step toward that section of the floor.

David frowns at the pounding at the floor, and his head tilts curiously, his interest certainly piqued. Even as he steps forward, he puts a hand out to stop anyone else's advance towards that part of the floor. "That's...certainly odd. I do believe maintenance should be called. Miss Akana?" Looking over his shoulder, David favors Rena with a smile, "Are you feeling well enough to walk again? We should go find someone." Looking up to Justin and Lena next, he raises an eyebrow. "Unless one of you would prefer to go? I dare not get in the way of an evening dance, however."

Justin smiles at Lena's words. "I will seek you out later, then." His gaze lingers on the beautiful kin as she steps farther into the room, but he's shaken out of his reverie as David address him. "Not to worry. I was just leaving anyway. I'll be sure to let someone know that maintenance is needed. Perhaps a bad pipe or two," he suggests, stepping back out into the hall. And they can hear his footsteps drifting away from the room. The pounding stops, but there's one last, longer scratch against the wood, and a voice gives a pitiful whisper, "Encore..."

Rena's features are twisted up in what looks like very painful deliberation as David suggests they leave, at the same time that some morbid curiosity, or perhaps sympathy, seems to be keeping her glued to the spot. At that final whisper, Rena lets another startled shriek, turning rather pale as she lifts a hand to cover her mouth. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," she whispers, as if to excuse herself, though it's hard to tell who exactly the words are directed to as she turns, stumbling over the hem of her dress as she tries to exit the room.

Lena might have been curious enough to try to move closer still to the direction of the sound, but she stops when she sees David's gesture. As his suggestion to leave she shakes her head, a glance toward Rena shows where her concerns truly are. When Justin says he'll let someone know, she looks back at him and kindly says, "Very much appreciated, Mister Burke." Her head turns toward Rena again, but lets out a gasp that is a mix of surprise and pity for the whispered voice. But, with Rena shieking and then stumbling to exit, she really can't put much focus on it on the whisper, for now. She goes after Rena offering a hand, literally. She says, "Miss Rena, let me help you.." Her voice lowers offering a place to recover at, "Perhaps we should visit the ladies room?"

Part IIIEdit

December 2, 2010:

David smiles gratefully for the rational hypothesis, giving Justin a nod. Good to have someone else with a good head on his shoulde-- David's head snaps around at that whisper, wincing at Rena's shriek, and he looks about the room quickly and worriedly, seeming suddenly ill-at-ease with his surroundings. "I do believe," he murmurs, taking his cue from Rena and moving towards the exit, "That that is our cue to exit. So!" Turning towards the group, he puts his arms out, herding the girls towards the main room, "Have you tried the cheese balls yet? Quite delectable."

As they step out into the room, they hear one last desperate moan before all grows quiet, the chill starting to dispel. Up ahead, they can see Justin disappearing into the main hall. Whether he's actually going to seek someone from maintenance or not is anyone's guess. Out where the party is, they can hear Jocelyn taking the stage, stalling for time with her 'speech' to cover up the brief disappearance of one of their lead musicians. "Thank you all for coming tonight!" she begins, her clear, pleasing voice easily carrying over the other noise, hushing the crowd. She has the voice and presence of someone very used to the spotlight. "First, I shall give credit where it is due. None of this would've been possible without the help of key individuals." She points out the various artists, musicians, and others that helped with the planning, leading everyone in an applause for them. "If you haven't already, you /must/ take some time to review the fantastic pieces submitted for the auction." Which leads into a talk about the orphanage and how all the proceeds will go to benefit the children there.

As they step out into the other room, the sudden change of environment crashes like a wave over Rena's senses. No more chilling voice, no more scratching. Just the polite murmuring of the gathered crowd, and Jo's voice, and applause, all as it should be. She reaches out to place a hand on Lena's arm, drawing in a deep breath. "No, no, I'm fine. I'm fine. We should call someone from maintenance ..." The last part is murmured, as if the young woman is thinking out loud. "Let's just ... listen to Jocelyn."

Lena did not want to stay in the room with that sound, that whisper. So any encouragement to leave was not needed.. Her focus was mostly on Rena, but David's mention of cheese balls has her glance in his direction with a hint of an amused expression before looking back at Rena. When she sees a hand reaching out, she immediately moves her arm within easy reach. She speaks softly, "Alright. It will be taken care of." She looks toward Jocelyn with a polite smile, hiding any residue of being spooked. At the recommendation to listen to Jocelyn, she replies, "Yes." She moves her free hand to brush hair away from her face. Then the glove brushes downward and unconsciously covers her neck in a protective gesture. Other than this, she makes herself look mostly at ease.

"You girls don't have to worry about that. Please, go enjoy yourselves. Miss Akana, do you feel comfortable enough to take the stage tonight?" David gently shoos the girls onwards, towards the stage, before reaching into his jacket pocket to pull out his cell phone. Someone's about to make a few calls.

Justin can be spotted amongst those standing near the dance area, listening to Jocelyn. He glances back, though, offering the girls a brief smile. Mr. Hartman is also an avid listening, his pen flying across his pad as he collects quotes. Jocelyn spies Rena and Lena as the come into view, giving them both a relieved smile, and then she returns her attention to the rest of her audience. The Silver Fang is definitely in her element. "It seems that our cause, and the efforts of the artists participating, has gained some unexpected attention. Although he was unfortunately unable to attend tonight, a fellow admirer of the arts, Aaron Godwin, has generously pledged to meet everything we raise tonight, in an effort to further help these children. What an /admirable/ example he makes for us all!" And she says it all with perfect innocence, clearly touched by the gesture. "Let's have a round of applause in his honor!" Justin Burke noticeably looks surprised by this news, his eyes narrowing a touch, but he joins in the clapping.

There is a long pause at David's question, though perhaps Rena is just listening to Jocelyn's speech, before she replies somewhat distractedly, "Hmm? Yes, yes I think I'll be fine. Just a little scare, that's all." Unlike Jocelyn, however, Rena does not exactly have a talent for acting, and it comes through in her tone. She hurries along with Lena to stand at the edge of the crowd, a faint smile touching her lips, if only briefly. "And /this/ is why Jocelyn is the perfect person to organize this type of event."

Lena gives a little nod in Jocelyn's direction when it looks like her gaze upon Rena and herself. Seeing Justin smile in their direction, she politely smiles back. When Jo explains how Aaron Godwin will match funds raised she looks impressed, murmuring, "Such generosity." Moving with Rena to the stage she turns her head, speaking softly, "We are just a few steps away from the stage." As for Jocelyn organizing, Lena replies, "Yes, perfect." She then says, "Just as you are perfect for the musical performance. Are you ready to return to the stage?" If told a variation of 'Yes' Lena would lead Rena to the steps, identifying where Rena is with a brief description to orientate herself.

David turns to listen to Jocelyn's speech, right when she brings up Aaron's generosity, and he blinks in surprise, looking about for that "man". He's distracted as someone picks up on his phone, and he has to put a finger to his ear as he murmurs something to the other person. By the look on his face, it's fairly urgent.

"Enjoy your evening," concludes Jocelyn, after a few other brief notes. She offers another charming smile, and then turns to head down the steps, reaching out to give Rena's arm a light squeeze as she does so. "Break a leg," she offers. She smiles at Lena, too, nodding to her before she starts to make her way towards David, forced to pause a couple times along the way as guests greet her. As Rena ascends the stairs, the air again starts to change, but this time it's a warmer presence. Justin follows Jocelyn with his gaze for a moment, but as the musicians begin to retake the stage, he starts to head in Lena's direction. He's not the only one, either, as Charles is weaving through the crowd.

"Thank you, Lena," Rena replies, as she is led up to the stage. At Jocelyn's comment, the cellist laughs. "You know, with my luck I just /might/," she muses. Taking a seat with the other musicians -- who are still casting her with odd looks that vary between confused and worried -- the young woman picks up the instrument, settling back into her chair as she plucks up her bow from the music stand in front of her. As the warm air surrounds her, she lets out a soft breath, as the tension in her muscles that had accumulated from the cold and the fright begins to ease up.

Lena nods wordlessly at Jocelyn, not holding her back when she goes to move away from the stage. She hovers a moment, making sure Rena seems alright, telling her, "I am glad to hear you play more. Please excuse me." She steps away from the stage, but glances to Rena again. Then, she turns her head and looks around, clearly seeking something. One of her hands goes back to her throat and she takes a deep breath, heading back to the table where the musicians ate before.

David is putting away his phone right when Jocelyn approaches him, looking solemnly satisfied. Smiling, he reaches both hands out to the Silver Fang, taking her hands in his for a tight squeeze. "You are always absolutely breathtaking when you're onstage, principessa. Especially in that dress..." David's eyes fall down over his girlfriend's attire, his smile widening a little, before they rise to meet hers again. "This is quite an impressive event, you must be proud."

"Miss Doyle!" call two voices at once, and two men stopped just in front of Lena, glancing towards each other with frowns before they look back to the Shadow Lord kin. It's the Toreador that steps smoothly forward first, smiling as he offers a slight bow. "I'd be honored if I could claim that dance from you now, Miss Doyle." Charles frowns more. As the other musicians settle in that seat, the warmth Rena feels seems to envelope her. Like a friendly hug. Please? Jocelyn laughs lightly at David's compliments. "I am pleased with how things have turned out." She leans in towards him, lowering her voice, "Does this mean I'm not in trouble? I figured he owes me." There's a flash of daring in her gaze as she speaks.

"Shall we?" asks Chaz, laughing as he looks about to the other musicians, gaze lingering on Rena. The young woman's hand pauses in the air, and she draws in a sudden, sharp breath, sitting up straighter in her chair. There is a brief pause, before the she rolls her shoulders, tilting her head to one side, her fingers sliding down the neck of the instrument and tracing the its wooden frame with a delicate hand. A contented smile settles on her features as she rests the bow on the strings, and carefully pulls a long, low note from the body of the instrument, which seems to resonate across the hall. What follows is nothing like the lighthearted music that accompanied the earlier half of the evening; a soulful, haunting melody begins to drift between the attendees, as the other musicians glance between themselves. For a few moments, only the haunting sound of the cello can be heard, before the pianist begins to draw a gentle accompaniment from the keys and, at length, the soft chords of the guitar.

Lena widens her eyes as two men step in front of her, stating her name. Her eyes glance from Charles, to Justin. As one mentions a dance, she suddenly understands. She speaks politely, but also surprised, "Gentlemen. My goodness, you certainly know how to make a girl wonder why dance cards are no longer used." She moves a gloved hand to her lips and coughs lightly. "I was just trying to find a drink.. But.." Looking at Justin, "Mister Charles had asked me much earlier this evening. It would be unfair to dance with any other first." She looks to Charles, "And I did agree to dance with Mister Burke." Looking to Justin, "Please excuse me to have a dance with Mister Charles..." She looks back to Charles, "And after, I would like to dance with Mister Burke. Then, I will dance with no one again, until I have a drink." She extends a hand to each gentleman before her. "Is this agreeable?" She bites her lower lip wondering just how she got in this situation.

David chuckles and whispers back to Jocelyn, "You're not in trouble from me, not at all. From Mr. Godwin...we'll have to see. If he's smart, he'll take the unexpected PR with a smile." He raises one of Jocelyn's hands to his lips with a smile...though Rena begins to play, and he looks up with interest. "I haven't heard this song before. Have you?" he asks Jocelyn.

Justin lets out a sigh, but then smile and leans to kiss Lena's offered hand. "Of course. I shall await the dance eagerly. Charles, on the other hand, brightens up at Lena's decision, and he takes her hand warmly, stepping closer to her. "Shall we?" he asks, attempting to lead her towards the floor. "Although this is an unusual song. Pretty, though," he muses. Jocelyn grins at David's words. "That was my thought as well." She turns towards the stage at the question, frowning softly. "I haven't, no. It's unique." And that seems to be the general consensus of those listening. Mr. Hartman is particularly charmed by the song, and he watches Rena in fascination, his men for once not moving.

A deeply contented expression settles on Rena's features as her fingers glide across the strings, the melody rising and falling in its melancholy lullaby. As it cascades to the final note, the cellist lifts her bow, letting the sweet sound vibrate into the surrounding hall, before it fades and dies into nothing. A few moments of silence passes the young woman remains still, arm posed, head slightly bowed as if savoring that last note, and then the others launch back into their original repertoire, a quiet blues tune following the odd performance. The guitarist, however, places a hand on the young woman's arm, and it is only then that she finally stirs, drawing in a sharp, sudden breath as one might upon breaking the surface of a deep body of water. The man guides her hands gently to set down the instrument, before leading her off stage and outside for some fresh air.

Lena blushes lightly as Justin leans down and kisses her hand. She seems to like the old fashioned gesture. Speaking to Justin, "I am grateful for your patience." She then takes her hand back and looks to Charles, "It is a beautiful song. I do so much very much love the sound of strings." Looking toward Rena, "She is amazing." She walks as far as Charles leads her. Then moves her hands to keep a decent frame between the two of them. Even though she keeps a physical distance, she offers polite and friendly conversation. She stays with him until the song concludes. Turning her head to look toward the stage.

"I wonder if we'll be able to get her to play again for a recording? I'd certainly like to have a copy." David sweeps his gaze from the stage where Rena's giving her amazing performance, and he chuckles at Lena's predicament. "The newest kin seems to be finding herself surrounded by non-timid men, and I think it's a bit much for her."

"I don't see why not," says Jocelyn. "I imagine she'd be happy to play for family, hmm?" After socializing most of the night, the Fang kin seems content to remain at David's side during the song, relaxing. She glances towards Lena as she's mentioned and grins. "I'm not surprised. If she keeps up with events like this, she could be very popular." She gives the Shadow Lord a faint nudge. "Did you look at the auction pieces? See any you like?" Charles, meanwhile, dances happily with Lena. He might be the only one in the room not paying attention to the actual song. He reveals that he's in medical school, doctors run in his family. He's not the best dancer, but he knows his way around the waltz. Justin watches patiently from the sidelines, his gaze curious as he watches Rena play. And, of course, there's a long round of applause as the song finishes. Followed by more upbeat dancing as the other musicians take over.

Lena nods and adds polite statements to the conversation. Asks what is like to be in a family of doctors. Does not offer any information about her family, steering any questions to stay on professions. That she easily discusses, liking painting a lot. She admits, "I think the waltz is one of the most beautiful dances." When the song comes to a conclusion she applauds and looks to Charles, "It was a lovely dance, Mister Charles. Thank you." A polite end to their conversation, she walks toward Justin, "Mister Burke, you have waited so patiently." She offers a smile and extends a gloved hand in his direction.

David slips his arm around Jocelyn's waist, guiding her to lean up against his side. Sometimes, it's good to be a polite gentleman. And sometimes, it's nice to have some armcandy. "Mmmm, I did, actually. There is this lovely figure study of a dark-haired, pale woman that I think would be lovely in a bedroom. Though...there's a certain blonde I'd much prefer to see in a picture like that." David gives a suggestive side-smile to the Fang on his arm.

Charles bows to Lena and smiles. "Thank you, Miss Doyle," he offers, glancing towards Justin before he moves to disappear into the crowd. Justin takes Lena's hand with a charming smile and smoothly sweeps her back onto the dance floor, which he knows his way around /much/ better than Charles. Jocelyn smirks at David's answer, giving him a sideways look, "In the picture rather than the other option? Really?" She chuckles, taking a step away before she grabs for his hand. "Come dance, before we miss our chance," she encourages, tugging him towards the floor. And so the night continues smoothly, minus one young musician. All in all, a successful event.

Lena dances with Justin. She finds his dancing is much more practiced than Charles, thus she can follow his dancing lead better. With the song being more upbeat than the last, it is easier to feel more energized. She smiles a little more easily and finds herself relaxing from how fun the dance is. Offering polite conversation, she chats about surface topics. But, at one point compliments, "Mister Burke, you are certainly well practiced in dancing." By time that song is done, her eyes are bright and her face is pink from the exercise of a higher tempo dance.

"Oh certainly. This particular blonde...I'd prefer to have in all my pictures," David says with a smile as he moves off to dance with his date.

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