Gift: BeastmindGift: Beautiful LieGift: Becoming Uktena
Gift: BegGift: Berserker SongGift: Billabong Walk
Gift: BindGift: Bird BonesGift: Black Friday
Gift: Blades of the MantisGift: BlankGift: Blending
Gift: Blessing of the First PackGift: Blinding Moonbeam GazeGift: Blinding Spit
Gift: Blissful IgnoranceGift: Blizzard of ArrowsGift: Blood Hunt
Gift: Blood OmenGift: Blood PumpGift: Blood of Illusion
Gift: Blood of PainGift: Bloody-MindednessGift: Bloody Feast
Gift: Blur of the Milky EyeGift: Body ShiftGift: Body Wrack
Gift: Bolster the True NameGift: BoltGift: Bonds That Tie Us
Gift: Book of YearsGift: Break the LoomGift: Breath of Ananasa
Gift: Breath of the WyldGift: Brethren CallGift: Brew
Gift: Bridge WalkerGift: Budget Approval ProcessGift: Bug Lord
Gift: Bunyip's BoomGift: Burning BladeGift: Burning Blood
Gift: Burning Fire-MindGift: BurrowGift: Buzzword Language
Gift: Cairbre's TongueGift: CalcifyGift: Call Down the Stars
Gift: Call Earth SpiritGift: Call ElementalGift: Call Flame Spirit
Gift: Call Forth the WyldGift: Call Great FenrisGift: Call Spirits
Gift: Call of the WyldGift: Call of the WyrmGift: Call the Breeze
Gift: Call the Cannibal SpiritGift: Call the HuntGift: Call the Pride
Gift: Call to DutyGift: CalmGift: Calm Before the Storm
Gift: Calm the FlockGift: CamouflageGift: Camouflage (Ananasi)
Gift: CaperGift: CarapaceGift: Cardboard Mansion
Gift: Carrion's CallGift: CastigateGift: Cat Claws
Gift: Cat FearGift: Catch the WindGift: Catfeet
Gift: Ceridwen's BloodGift: ChannelingGift: Chant of Morpheus
Gift: Chaos MechanicsGift: Chariot of LionsGift: Charismatic Presence
Gift: Cheshire PrankGift: Chill of Early FrostGift: Circular Attack
Gift: Claim of AuthorityGift: Clap of ThunderGift: Clarity
Gift: ClawstormGift: Clearwater PassageGift: Clenched Jaw
Gift: Cliche CurseGift: Climate ControlGift: Cling
Gift: Cloak of ShadowsGift: Cobra's DanceGift: Cocoon
Gift: Coils of the SerpentGift: Cold Voice of ReasonGift: Combat Healing
Gift: Command AttentionGift: Command SpiritGift: Command the Multitude
Gift: Command the PreyGift: Control Complex MachineGift: Control Simple Machine
Gift: ConundrumGift: CookfireGift: Cooking
Gift: Cool MindGift: Cooling SystemGift: Cooter's Revenge
Gift: Corner ShotGift: CorruptGift: Counting Coup
Gift: Coup de GraceGift: Coyote's MaskGift: Create Element
Gift: Crescent Moon's AwarenessGift: Crescent Moon FataGift: Cub's Lesson
Gift: Cull the HerdGift: Cunning KoanGift: Curse of Aeolus
Gift: Curse of CorruptionGift: Curse of HaranoGift: Curse of Hatred
Gift: Curse of the Great WebGift: Curse of the LycaonGift: Custom Built
Gift: Cutting WindGift: CybersensesGift: Dagger of the Mind
Gift: Dam the HeartfloodGift: Dance of AbandonGift: Dance of Dionysis
Gift: Dance of the ChayaGift: Dark TruthsGift: Darksight
Gift: Data FlowGift: DazzleGift: Dead End
Gift: Dead StickGift: Dead TalkGift: Death Track
Gift: Death TranceGift: Death WhispersGift: Declamation
Gift: Deep PocketsGift: Deep RootsGift: Deny the Hungry
Gift: Desperate StrengthGift: Devouring RimeGift: Diagnostics
Gift: Direct the StormGift: Directing the SoulGift: Disappearing Act
Gift: DisfigurementGift: DisquietGift: Distractions
Gift: DivideGift: Divided HeartGift: Dolorus Countenance
Gift: Domestic SeemingGift: Dominance BlowGift: Dona Nobis Pacem
Gift: DoppelgangerGift: DowsingGift: Dragonroar
Gift: DreamspeakGift: DreamwalkGift: Drop of Sea
Gift: Drunken SpiderGift: Dumpster DivingGift: Eagle's Beak
Gift: Ears of the BatGift: EarthquakeGift: Earthspeaking
Gift: Eavesdropper's EarGift: EchoesGift: Electroshock
Gift: Element-Folk FavorGift: Elemental FavorGift: Elemental Gift
Gift: Emergency ExitGift: EmpathyGift: Empathy of Hatred
Gift: Endurance of HeimdallGift: Enemy WaysGift: Entropic Bite
Gift: Eve's TouchGift: Evocation of CeremonyGift: Exorcism
Gift: Eye of the CobraGift: Eye of the FalconGift: Eye of the Hunter
Gift: Eyes of IgnoranceGift: Eyes of the CatGift: Eyes of the Eagle
Gift: Fabric of the MindGift: Face in the CrowdGift: Faerie Blood
Gift: Faerie KinGift: Faerie LightGift: Fair Fortune
Gift: Falcon's GraspGift: Falling TouchGift: Family Debt
Gift: FarsightGift: Fast TrackGift: Fatal Flaw
Gift: Fearless UnveilingGift: Feed the GodsGift: Fenris' Bite
Gift: Feral LobotomyGift: Fetish DollGift: Find Land
Gift: Find WaterGift: Find the PortentGift: Find the Prize
Gift: Find the TransgressorGift: Fire in the BellyGift: Firebringer
Gift: Fist of CahlashGift: Flames of HestiaGift: Flight of the Swift
Gift: Flurry of ArrowsGift: Fly FeetGift: Fog of War
Gift: Fool's LuckGift: Form of AkhlutGift: Forms of Cernunnos
Gift: FortunaGift: Freyja's BlessingGift: Friend in Need
Gift: Frozen FormGift: Full Moon's WrathGift: Full Moon Cleansing
Gift: Gaia's VengeanceGift: Garafena's CrownGift: Gate of the Moon
Gift: Gauntlet RunnerGift: Gaze of the HunterGift: Geas
Gift: Ghost CaressGift: Ghost PackGift: Ghost Touched
Gift: Ghosts at PlayGift: Gibbous Moon's UnderstandingGift: Gibbous Moon Song
Gift: Gift of EyesGift: Gift of LaughterGift: Gift of Rage
Gift: Gift of the PorcupineGift: Gift of the SkunkGift: Gift of the Spriggan
Gift: Gift of the TermiteGift: Glib TongueGift: Glory-Scars
Gift: GnawGift: Good FaithGift: Gorge
Gift: Gorgon's GazeGift: Graceful StrikeGift: Grandmother's Touch
Gift: Grasp the BeyondGift: Great LeapGift: Greater Unweaving
Gift: GremlinsGift: GroomGift: Guardian's Fortitude
Gift: Guiding Hand of DjeheutyGift: Guilt TripGift: Half Moon's Diplomacy
Gift: Half Moon MnemonicsGift: Halo of the SunGift: Halt the Coward's Flight
Gift: Hand BladeGift: Hand FangsGift: Hand of Will
Gift: Hand of the Earth LordsGift: Happy ThoughtsGift: Hare's Leap
Gift: Harrier's ViewGift: Havgan's HealingGift: Head Games
Gift: Healing the SoulGift: Heart of FuryGift: Heart of Ice
Gift: Heat MetalGift: Heave-HoGift: Heavens' Guidance
Gift: Heightened SensesGift: Helios's ChildGift: Help Me
Gift: Herding the Infant ApeGift: Hero's StandGift: Hidden Killer
Gift: Hidden MeaningGift: Hidden SecretsGift: Home in All Lands
Gift: Honor PactGift: HootenannyGift: Horde of Valhalla
Gift: Horns of the ImpalerGift: Howl of DeathGift: Howl of Hunger
Gift: Howl of the BansheeGift: Howl of the UnseenGift: Howl to the Pack
Gift: Humbaba's EscapeGift: Hummingbird DartGift: Hungry Hound
Gift: HushGift: Hydraulic StrengthGift: I Got A Rock
Gift: Ice DanceGift: Ice EchoGift: Icicle-Hide
Gift: Icy Chill of DespairGift: Ignore Death BlowGift: Ignore Pain
Gift: Ill WindGift: Illusion of SizeGift: Image of the Great Mother
Gift: Image of the SaintsGift: Imaginal MantraGift: Imbalance
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