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Flaw: 14th GenerationFlaw: Absent-MindedFlaw: Addiction
Flaw: AgeFlaw: AirheadFlaw: Allergic
Flaw: AmnesiaFlaw: Animal MuskFlaw: Anosmia
Flaw: AsthmaFlaw: Bad SightFlaw: Banned Transformation
Flaw: BlindFlaw: Can't Cross Running WaterFlaw: Cast No Reflection
Flaw: Changeling's EyesFlaw: ChildFlaw: Chimerical Disability
Flaw: Chimerical MagnetFlaw: Cleared MistsFlaw: Color Blindness
Flaw: CompulsionFlaw: ConfusedFlaw: Conspicuous Consumption
Flaw: ConstructFlaw: CuriosityFlaw: Cursed
Flaw: Dark FateFlaw: Dark SecretFlaw: Deaf
Flaw: Deep SleeperFlaw: DeformityFlaw: Demented Eidolon
Flaw: DerangedFlaw: Diabolical MentorFlaw: Disease Carrier
Flaw: DisfiguredFlaw: Dream HunterFlaw: Driving Goal
Flaw: Echoes (Fae)Flaw: Echoes (Mage)Flaw: Eerie Presence
Flaw: EnemyFlaw: Faulty EnhancementFlaw: Fifth Degree
Flaw: FlashbacksFlaw: Flesh of the CorpseFlaw: Foe From the Past
Flaw: Forced TransformationFlaw: GeasFlaw: Graceless
Flaw: Grip of the DamnedFlaw: Hard of HearingFlaw: Hatred
Flaw: HauntedFlaw: HuntedFlaw: Icy
Flaw: IneptFlaw: Infamous MentorFlaw: Infamous Sire
Flaw: Infectious BiteFlaw: Inferiority ComplexFlaw: Insane Mentor
Flaw: Insane Past LifeFlaw: IntoleranceFlaw: Iron Allergy
Flaw: Jackal's BloodFlaw: LameFlaw: Lifesaver
Flaw: Light SensitiveFlaw: Low Self ImageFlaw: Lunacy
Flaw: Magical Prohibition or ImperativeFlaw: Mark of the PredatorFlaw: Mentor's Resentment
Flaw: Mild PhobiaFlaw: Mistaken IdentityFlaw: Mister Red Tape
Flaw: MonstrousFlaw: MuteFlaw: Mystical Prohibition or Imperative
Flaw: Nature BoundFlaw: NightmaresFlaw: No Partial Transformation
Flaw: NotorietyFlaw: ObsessionFlaw: One Arm
Flaw: One EyeFlaw: OutsiderFlaw: Overconfident
Flaw: Pack MentalityFlaw: ParaplegicFlaw: Permanent Wound
Flaw: Persistent ParentsFlaw: PhobiaFlaw: Phylactery
Flaw: Pierced VeilFlaw: Prey ExclusionFlaw: Primal Marks
Flaw: Privacy ObsessionFlaw: Probationary Sect MemberFlaw: Psychic Vampire
Flaw: Recently ArisenFlaw: Repelled by CrossesFlaw: Repulsed by Garlic
Flaw: RogueFlaw: Rotten LiarFlaw: Sadism or Masochism
Flaw: Secret FriendshipFlaw: Sensation JunkieFlaw: Severe Phobia
Flaw: ShortFlaw: Short FuseFlaw: Shrinking Violet
Flaw: ShyFlaw: Sidhe's CurseFlaw: Sign of the Wolf
Flaw: Sire's ResentmentFlaw: Slip SidewaysFlaw: Slipped Seeming
Flaw: Slow HealingFlaw: Smell of the GraveFlaw: Soft-Hearted
Flaw: Speech ImpedimentFlaw: Sphere IneptFlaw: Spirit Magnet
Flaw: SterileFlaw: StrangenessFlaw: Stress Atavism
Flaw: Strict CarnivoreFlaw: Surreal QualityFlaw: Taint of Corruption
Flaw: TechnobabblerFlaw: TerritorialFlaw: The Bard's Tongue
Flaw: Thin BloodFlaw: ThrowbackFlaw: Too Curious
Flaw: Touch of FrostFlaw: Twisted ApprenticeshipFlaw: Twisted Upbringing
Flaw: Ulterior MotiveFlaw: UneducatedFlaw: Unscented
Flaw: UnskilledFlaw: VeiledFlaw: Vengeance
Flaw: Vulnerability to SilverFlaw: WardFlaw: Weak-Willed
Flaw: WingedFlaw: Witch's BaneFlaw: Wolf Years
Flaw: Wyld MindFlaw: Wyrm TaintedFlaws
Flaws by CostFlaws by NameFlea
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Garou Metis GiftsGarou Philodox GiftsGarou Ragabash Gifts
Garou RitesGarou Theurge GiftsGatekeeper
General LeeGet of Fenris GiftsGhouls
Gift: A Thousand EyesGift: A Thousand VoicesGift: Adaptation
Gift: AegisGift: AgrocultureGift: Airitech's Daughters
Gift: Airt PerceptionGift: Airt SenseGift: Alberich's Claws
Gift: Allies BelowGift: Alms to the PoorGift: Alter Lilian
Gift: Alter MoodGift: Alter ScentGift: Anahata
Gift: Ancestral IncarnationGift: Ancestral RecallGift: Ancestral Wings
Gift: Another's MoccasinsGift: ArachnophobiaGift: Arion's Burden
Gift: Assassin's StrikeGift: AssimilationGift: Atma
Gift: AttunementGift: Aura of AnanasaGift: Aura of Confidence
Gift: Austere MindGift: AvalancheGift: Avoid Fate
Gift: AweGift: Axis MundiGift: Bacchantes' Rage
Gift: BackbiteGift: Badger's HeartGift: Balance
Gift: Balance of WormwoodGift: Balor's GazeGift: Bane Protector
Gift: Banish BurningGift: Banish Cahlash's BroodGift: Banish Sickness
Gift: Banish TotemGift: Bare the HeartGift: Bark of Willow
Gift: Bark of the MudpuppyGift: Barring the WillGift: Bayou Shambler
Gift: Beast LifeGift: Beast Speech
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