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A staunch foe of the Wyrm, Tulu is always in good humor, laughing in the face of death. Tulu is an intelligent warrior and swoops down upon his prey, breaking their backs with a flick of his powerful beak. His manic laughter echoes across the Dreamtime. Tulu is sometimes called the Father of the Bunyip, for it was he who spilt the Rainbow Serpent’s blood, from which the Bunyip were formed.


Children of Tulu have an irrepressible sense of humor and never suffer from Harano. Tulu teaches his Children Subterfuge 3 and the Gift of Laughter.


Children of Tulu must kill any snake they see, symbolic of their battle against the Wyrm. The exception to this rule is any servant of the Rainbow Serpent.

Children of Tulu can cause others to realize the humor of any situation – in fact, the uproariously hilarity of any situation.

Gift Description
Laughter (Level Three)
System: The Child spends one Gnosis point and rolls Charisma + Expression (difficulty of the target’s Willpower). If successful, the target is struck by how funny the situation is and breaks into peals of laughter. Any attack made by the target against the Tulu Child suffers a penalty of three to the Dice Pool (just looking at the Child is enough to cause the target to erupt into painfully spasmodic belly laughs).
(Note: A character does not have to be Rank Three to receive this Gift; any Child of Tulu, regardless of Rank, can use it.)

Source: Rage Across Australia

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