At its most basic meaning, Science is simply a systemized study of some specific subject, and over the years, scientists as a whole have developed a number of universal laws and theories that the character will probably know. This Knowledge is broad, and characters should choose an area of expertise (such as biology, chemistry or geology) or two closely related areas of science with Storyteller permission.

• Student: You understand basic theories and laws.

•• College: You comprehend and can teach complex scientific applications.

••• Masters: In your area of expertise, you can construct useful items and substances.

•••• Doctorate: Your applications arc worthy of a Nobel prize.

••••• Scholar: You've made well-known and lasting contributions to science.

  • Possessed by: Researchers, Engineers, Inventors, Technicians.
  • Expertise: Chemistry, Biology, Applied Physics, Quantum Physics, Ecology, Geology, Meteorology.
  • Specialties: Experiments, Theory, Specific Equipment, Practical Applications
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