Rituals and rites are an important part of the mystic's life. This Knowledge lets the character know about the traditions and mysteries associated with their race or tradition, which can include how to participate in such events and behave properly toward elders, leaders, and spirits. At higher levels, the character may also know about the sacred rites of other tribes, traditions, clans and soforth. A character needs a Rituals rating equal to or greater than the level of rites he knows or seeks to learn.

  • Note: This Knowledge pertains to all ritualistic enterprises, from voodoo, to High Mass, to Sabbat war rites.
  • Note the second: Unique to Dark Forces is the ability for Rituals to allow for spontaneous, ritual-like affects that are usually less potent than proper rituals, but still useful (and more akin to hedge magic). Examples include creating a ward or sigil to protect against something (might add difficulty to attack someone), concealing an object in the Umbra behind a weave of Enigmas, or utilizing ritual to add power to otherwise impotent folklore (giving salt the power to repel demons; giving garlic the power to repel Vampires) and so on.

x Ignorant: Rituals probably confuse and confound you, but you are likely able to deduce when to stay quiet.

• Student: You've watched a few rites closely.

•• College: You carry yourself well at tribal moots.

••• Masters: Other tribes invite you to attend their moots.

•••• Doctorate: Even Black Spirals respect your knowledge.

••••• Scholar: You can devise original rites.

  • Possessed by: Garou, Changing Breeds, Rare Kinfolk, Mystics, Shamans.
  • Specialties: Accord, Caern, Death, Mystic, Punishment, Renown, Seasonal, Minor, Hedge Magic, Wards, Sigils, Empowering Folklore.
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