This Knowledge covers understanding political systems as well as knowing who's who in the world of government. Characters with Politics can be quite effective when they're trying to sway public opinion or elected officials because they know just what to say to get things done. They can also figure out how to navigate human or Fera political structures in order to talk to the right person to get their goals accomplished.

• Student: You vote and take part in occasional protests.

•• College: Local and regional politicians invite your help on their campaigns.

••• Masters: You've helped on state and national political stumps.

•••• Doctorate: You could be a member of the national government.

••••• Scholar: Your knowledge of politics rivals Machiavelli.

  • Possessed by: Politicians, Caern Personnel, Elders, Diplomats, Activists, Lobbyists, РАС members.
  • Specialties: Fundraising, Political Philosophy, Grass Roots, Elections, Caern Hierarchy.
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