This strange knowledge may be learned only be Mokole. It enables a Mokole to "learn" almost any skill or knowledge that could have been known to an ancestor.

The Mokole must meditate on the ability desired and enter a Mnesis trance. The trance is usually not long - perhaps one night. Finally, she makes a Mnesis + Mnesis Emulation roll, difficulty 7. For every two successes, the seeker gains a dot in the given Ability for one day (rounding up); she may spend dots to increase the duration, however.

For instance, five successes could give her a skill of 3 for one day or a skill of 1 for three days. Mnesis Emulation cannot grant any supernatural abilities (such as Gifts, rites or powers of other Awakened creatures). A Mokole may use Mnesis Emulation to learn the language of the Bastet, but would not be able to turn into a cat even if she had a Bastet ancestor.


  1. You can call up a hint of memory.
  2. You can usually see the right place and time.
  3. You have something to say to everyone.
  4. You are at home everywhere.
  5. You can imitate anyone who has ever lived.
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