This Knowledge offers characters a clear understanding of combat and military maneuvers. It covers both immediate tactics and long-range strategies and allows the character to assess the strength of enemy forces to clearly direct "troop" movements. While Primal Urge may be substituted for this skill in manners of small-scale combat and pack tactics, larger-scale or more advanced tactics require this Knowledge for any hope of success.

• Student: You can tell if your squad or pack is outnumbered and outflanked.

•• College: You could be a successful officer of strategy.

••• Masters: In spite of the odds, you can plan a strategy that will lead your troops to victory.

•••• Doctorate: You intimidate an opposing force just by leaking knowledge that you're in charge of strategy.

••••• Scholar: Supernatural or Mundane, no challenge is too much to overcome your brilliant strategies, provided you have all the information you need.

  • Possessed by: Commanders, Generals, Pack Alphas, Strategists.
  • Specialties: Ballistic Combat, Pack Tactics, Infantry, Guerrilla Warfare.
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