Medicine is the study of health, function and wellness of the human body, and it also includes an understanding of anatomy and physiology. Characters with this Knowledge can diagnose and treat diseases and injuries. They can likewise care for wolves and other animals, although their expertise will not be as specific as a veterinarian will have. Medicine also confers a familiarity with pharmaceuticals, legal and otherwise, that can help and harm.

• Student: You know advanced first aid and CPR.

•• College: You could be a successful emergency medical technician (EMT).

••• Masters: With the right paperwork, you can work as a general practitioner.

•••• Doctorate: You're capable of performing surgery.

••••• Scholar: You're one of the greatest healers of your tribe, or doctors in the nation.

  • Possessed by: MDs, Med Students, Shamans, Nurses, Paramedics, Military Personnel.
  • Specialties: Emergency Medicine, Forensic Pathology, Specific Fields (Pediatrics, Neurology, etc.).
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