Every supernatural group within the World of Darkness hoards its secrets from the others. Lore provides for your character's knowledge of the many "hidden" subcultures or organizations, such as Kindred, Garou or Mages.

When you purchase Lore for your character, you must state an expertise. Expertise rolls are always made at standard difficulty. Rolls for any sort of Lore that is not one of the character's expertise always suffer a higher difficulty (8-9).

  • Note: Members of a particular culture do not gain specialized information for free. A Garou without Lore will understand the nature of breed, auspices, and tribes, but they will not know the history of the War of Rage, or any of the tribes in particular (outside of their own, perhaps). That requires more careful focus and study.

x Ignorant: If you are not a Supernatural, you very likely know nothing about them. If you are a Supernatural, you possess common sense concerning your own particular culture.

• Student: You possess dubious and sketchy information about some other Supernatural culture, or are slightly more enlightened as to your own.

•• College: You are confident in your knowledge regarding your expertise.

••• Masters: You possibly know more than a member of that other culture does, or you are a bastion of knowledge for your own culture.

•••• Doctorate: You have learned some things that weren't meant to be known, even by members of the culture in question. If a member of your expertise, you are one of the leading experts of your people's history and culture.

••••• Scholar: An expert, you may be considered a liability by the subjects of your foci. If a member of your expertise, there are few that know more about your people.

  • Possessed by: Mentors, Mystics, Scholars, Spies.
  • Expertise: Changeling, Dauntain, Dreaming, Garou, General Occult, Mages, Wraiths, Vampires.
  • Specialties: Something within a particular expertise: Garou Fetishes, Spirit Involvement, Tribes, History, etc.
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