The Linguistics Knowledge allows a character to add to her language repertoire; the greater her level of Linguistics, the more languages she can speak. Because language acquisition builds upon itself, making it easier to learn subsequent tongues, the levels of ability double the number of languages known. This progression also reflects the fact that many languages are related to each other. Additionally, the character may choose to learn unspoken languages, such as ASL, or specialize in unique dialects or accents.

  • Note that full understanding of the Garou glyph system and similar situations counts as a language. Rudimentary knowledge of Garou glyphs is basic knowledge for Garou and some well-traveled shifters.

• Student: One additional language.

•• College: Two additional languages.

••• Masters: Four additional languages.

•••• Doctorate: Eight additional languages.

••••• Scholar: True polyglot, 16 additional languages.

  • Possessed by: Diplomats, World Travelers, Linguists, Interpreters, Travelers.
  • Specialties: Slang, Business Terms, Idioms, Artificial Languages, Alphabets.

Shifters and LinguisticsEdit

Homid and Metis shifters "begin" with three languages: a human language of choice, beast speak and their racial tongue. Some of these may need to be learned on-screen. Beast-born shifters must place at least one dot in this Knowledge to know a human tongue.

If they have a teacher, a shifter can come to learn the tongues of the other changing breeds with some caveats. First, a shifter will be extremely limited in what they can say in any shifter tongue that is not their own; they simply don't have the parts, or knowledge of the appropriate movements to get across complex phrases. Passive understanding, however, is not so difficult to master. Second, shifters guard their tongues jealously, and finding a willing teacher may be difficult. Further, both the teacher and the student might be castigated for this unprecedented sharing of language, so be forewarned.

Finally, a shifter may not come on-screen with knowledge of any other shifter language but her own. Learning another shifter language is purely an IC endeavor with possible IC consequences. This would be a standard linguistics +learn.

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