Law encompasses many areas: bureaucracy, the enforcement system, legal code and the workings of the courts. Characters in trouble with the police will need this Knowledge (or a lawyer friend) to get them out of any legal tangles. This Knowledge also covers Garou law (and similar), such as the various codes grown up around the Litany and the appropriate punishments for crimes against the Garou Nation. Although most lawyers have an area of expertise, such as immigration law, most state bars don't recognize these as such.

• Student: You know a few classic cases and the basis of the legal system.

•• College: You could pass the bar exam.

••• Masters: Chances are, you're a much-sought counselor.

•••• Doctorate: You're capable of adjudging and writing law.

••••• Scholar: There are few cases or matters of jurisprudence you don't know about.

  • Possessed by: Lawyers, Police, Judges, Detectives, Crime Writers, TV Viewers.
  • Specialties: Procedure, Garou Law, Specific Types (Criminal, Contacts, Liability, etc.), Courts.
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