Relying on physical evidence, explanations from witnesses or sheer luck, characters with Investigation are knowledgeable about crimes and criminals. They can often distinguish murder from accident or solves thefts and kidnappings by assembling and pondering the clues. This Knowledge also provides the character with what he needs to know to perform general forensic procedures, such as lifting fingerprints or figuring an approximate time of death.

  • Note: This Knowledge does not override the Skill Research, which is still necessary for gathering documented information. This Knowledge also does not override Enigmas, which is necessary for puzzling out complicated riddles and patterns. Finally, this Knowledge also benefits from a high score in Insight, which can lead an Investigator in the right direction should they get on the wrong trail.

x Ignorant: You might have read some detective novels or watched CSI.

• Student: You've probably taken some classes or been instructed in some way. You realize that most of what's written of in detective novels and television shows is crap.

•• College: You can tear holes in a rookie cop's case.

••• Masters: You could make a living as a PI.

•••• Doctorate: You're good enough to be a special agent for the FBI or CIA.

••••• Scholar: If the truth is out there, you know how to find it.

  • Possessed by: Detectives, Police, Reporters, Special Agents.
  • Specialties: Evidence, Ballistics, Forensics, Fingerprints.
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