This Knowledge represents the character's understanding of faerie magic and lore. It can be used when creating oaths or working enchantments, or even to create new Arts. Gremayre gives a character essential comprehension into the in-depth workings of all things relating to the Dreaming.

• Student: You grasp only the most simple concepts of faerie magic.

• • College: You can tell one cantrip from another.

• • • Masters: You understand many of the inner working of Glamour.

• • • • Doctorate: You are well on the way to discovering lost Arts.

• • • • • Scholar: You know the deepest secrets of the Dreaming.

  • Possessed by: Scholars, Sorcerers, Changeling Kings and Queens
  • Specialties: Oaths, Cantrips, Enchantment, Glamour, The Dreaming
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