Logic problems, puzzles and mysteries are all in the realm of Enigmas. Characters with this Knowledge link information and hunches together to solve conundrums of all varieties, from the spiritual to the material. It's not that they have any sort of ESP, they just put things together uncannily well. Those characters who have Enigmas probably enjoy matching wits against devious villains or even packmates in contests of the mind.

• Student: You always solve the daily crossword.

•• College: Why bother to read whodunits? You always know the ending.

••• Masters: The pack regards you as the resident riddlemaster when witty spirits are around.

•••• Doctorate: You can win contests of logic even with faulty information.

••••• Scholar: Even the deepest philosophical mysteries and issues are clear to you.

  • Possessed by: Theurges, Mystics, Wise Elders, Gamers, Mystery Fans, Puzzle-Lovers.
  • Specialties: Logic Problems, Ancient Mysteries, Things Werewolves Weren't Meant to Know.

Regaining GnosisEdit

When a character takes time to center himself and reconnect with the Sacred Mother on a personal level, he can sometimes regain Gnosis. The character must spend at least an hour staying in one place and focusing on his deeply spiritual side. (One cannot meditate while cleaning guns, for example.) The player must then roll Wits + Enigmas (difficulty 8). For each success, a player regains one Gnosis point. However, a character can regain only one Gnosis point per hour of meditation, no matter how many successes the player rolls. In addition, this form of meditation can be done only once per day, and the difficulty increases by one for each extra day a character attempts it in the same week (to a maximum difficulty of 10). The spirits are gracious, but not always generous.

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