Understanding the behavior, beliefs, art, institutions and general thought patterns of particular societies is part of this Knowledge which synergies well with Academics. Possessing such information allows more than just knowledge of how people act, but why as well. This is extremely important for any character who wishes to interact with a culture/subculture, or to change and influence such cultures.

Like Academics, this Knowledge provides an understanding of past and present cultures. Unlike Academics, however, this Knowledge provides an ability to quickly pick up cultural details of a new society, and indicates a learned talent for blending into the local society. If character wants to be able to disappear into a culture different from her own, this is the Knowledge to have.

• Student: You know a few taboos of the culture.

•• College: You probably won't get punished inadvertently.

••• Masters: You understand all levels of many cultures.

•••• Doctorate: You can recount the past and predict the future of a culture.

••••• Scholar: Indiana Jones.

  • Possessed by: Archaeologists, Anthropologists, Pollsters, Artists, Politicians, Investigative Journalists.
  • Expertise: Religion, Ethnography, Philosophy, Economy, Idioms.
  • Specialties: Changelings, Garou, Vampires, Particular Nations, Goth Subculture, Anime/Otaku Subculture, Cult Subculture.
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