Just one model of the local cosmological setup

The universe holds many secrets. This Knowledge reflects the information you can learn and understand about the Umbra, its denizens, and its many Realms. Cosmology is also related to the Sphere of Spirit in the sense that both deal with the Umbra and its denizens. However, Cosmology relates more to the cultural and physical geography of the Umbra (such as it is), whereas the Sphere of Spirit deals with the manipulation and control of the Umbra's inhabitants.

x Ignorant: You probably don't know that a place called the Umbra exists, unless your culture has taught you otherwise. Regardless, your knowledge of the spirit world is incredibly limited.

• Student: The idea of the Shadow and the various spirits therein is not new to you. You are likely aware that spirits take on ideological aspects and follow particular rules (or nonrules, as the case may be).

•• College: You know certain places and things to avoid in the Umbra. You also know which spirits are likely to be harmful, and which spirits are likely to be friendly.

••• Masters: You can navigate reasonably well throughout the Otherworlds. You have also likely had dealings or bargainings with spirits in the past.

•••• Doctorate: You are familiar with the difficult-to-find persons, places and things throughout the Umbra and the Realms.

••••• Scholar: You are a veteran traveler of the Otherworlds; you intimately understand the construction and the inhabitants of the cosmos. It is possible you have chatted with the Celestial Incarnae, themselves.

  • Possessed by: Mages, Garou, Demons, Umbrood, Nephandi.
  • Suggested Specialties: Celestines, Incarna, Near Umbra, Deep Umbra, Realms.
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