Knowledge of computers includes operating the machines as well as utilizing or designing software. Depending on the character's level of expertise, she can make computers spit out useful calculations or even design her own operating system. The Computer Knowledge is required for anyone who wants to write programs or hack into other people's systems, and the Storyteller should feel free to adjust difficulties based on any opposing intruder countermeasures.

  • Note: Computers is required to utilize software to hack. However, the Skill: Research is necessary to crawl hacked databases for useful information unless it is a particular item that is being sought after (and thus the inference is that the research has already been done).

x Ignorant: You probably know how to turn a computer on and work the basic programs thereon.

• Student: Shareware games and MMOs are just your speed. You don't quite understand how to recode programs yet, however.

•• College: You can make minor changes in system configurations and networks.

••• Masters: You can write original programs or hack existing ones.

•••• Doctorate: Most hacking endeavors and programming attempts are a snap; no more long distance bills for you.

••••• Scholar: You've got the ability to design a whole new operating system, maybe even an AI. You could probably hack the most protected computers out there.

  • Possessed by: Hackers, Urbanites, Software Engineers, Executive Assistants, Students.
  • Specialties: Databases, Hacking, Viruses, Computer Languages, Internet, Web Design.
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