This catchall Knowledge covers the character's erudition in the "humanities": literature, history, art, philosophy, and other "liberal" or "social" sciences. A character with dots in Academics is generally well-rounded in these fields, and at high levels may be considered an expert in one or more areas of study.

Specifically, this knowledge determines how well a character can synthesize information with regards to the humanities.

• Student: You're aware that 1066 is something more than a Beverly Hills area code.

•• College: You can quote from the classics, identify major cultural movements, and expound on the difference between Ming and Moghul.

••• Masters: You could get a paper published in a scholarly journal.

•••• Doctorate: Professor emeritus.

••••• Scholar: Scholars worldwide acknowledge you as one of the foremost experts of your time.

  • Possessed by: Professors, Literati, Trivia Buffs, Bibliophiles.
  • Expertise: Literature, History, Sociology, Anthropology, Music Theory, Communications Theory, Art History.
  • Specialties: Poststructuralism, Impressionist Painting, Imperial Rome, Baroque Music, American Realism, Postmodernism.
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