To maybe Storytellers, it's hard to associate the Keeper of the Land with a player's character. The conventional stereotype is the stern but kindly old gardener, seemingly gruff but with good advice to any young werewolf patient enough to sit and listen. After all, the Keeper's job is to maintain the caern's general appearance - not a very aggressive post at all, it seems. Small wonder that some tribes don't bother with a Keeper of the Land at all.

There's more to this office than simple yard work, though. The Keeper has to keep the spirits in mind as he goes about his business of maintaining caern grounds; that implies negotiation with the caern totem and other spirits. The Keeper of the Land often spends a good deal of time in the penumbra, analyzing the caern's grounds from that angle and devising ways to bring greater harmony to the area.

There is no particular auspice traditionally associated with this office, although Theurges and Philodox are somewhat more common. A certain amount of Primal Urge can't hurt, but ultimately there's no one set of skills that makes a good Keeper of the Land.

Ultimately, the Keeper of the Land does work best as a supporting cast member; however, this is also a good 'low maintenance' role for a pack member. After all, you don't usually have to spend more than a couple minutes hashing out just what improvements the Keeper's going to make to the bawn; then you can move on to the story at hand. Of course, the Keeper can't stray too far from the caern, but that's true of many sept offices.

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