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If Wendigo was all we had, we would be a bitter lot indeed. While we honor his power and the gifts he has given us, we know that he is as he is because of his rage. We would not become as him. Luckily, he has allies who know how to laugh, even if they are silly. One such is Whiskey Jack, the Jaybird. His many tricks have brought much ease to the People, such as the time he tricked Snowman into making milder winters, so that we could hunt longer. Those Wendigo who have been chosen by Whiskey Jack may have trouble being taken seriously, but they rarely succumb to Harano as others do.


A pack member may call upon the Gift: Blissful Ignorance, one pack member may gain +1 Charisma at a time. In addition, the difficulties for all rolls to fool another with words are reduced by one.


Each pack member must steal something once per moon cycle, whether it’s a pack of gum at a store or a Horned Serpent Person’s fetish.

Source: Wendigo Tribebook 1st ed

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