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A rare breed of Bone Gnawers fervently believes that the tribe can be traced back to a network of “scavenger caerns” in Northern Africa. Some of these tales are grossly exaggerated, and most evidence of their existence is gone, but there was a time when many Garou in that part of the world followed a common totem. Bone Gnawers knew him as Jackal. Silent Striders allegedly communed with another aspect of the Incarna, one they knew as Anubis. When Jackal packs first found out about the Striders’ war against Set and Apophis in the Kingdom of Khem, they leapt into the fray. When Khem fell, Jackal’s followers suffered almost as much as the Striders did.


Garou who follow Jackal gain Survival 2, Leadership 1, and the Gift: Blur of the Milky Eye. Each Garou in the pack also gets one dot in the Ancestors Background. Even Bone Gnawers and Silent Striders get this benefit, but this requires them to travel on an Umbral quest once each year (with or without their pack) to relieve a major experience of their ancestor. Over the course of the chronicle, the Storyteller must create a background and backstory for this bygone Jackal pack from the days of Ancient Khem or the nights of Northern Africa before the Concord.


Jackal rarely strikes the first blow in any fight; he waits for others to kill. If attacked, he will defend himself, but followers of this totem prefer to wait and feast off the victim that remain. That doesn’t prevent them from taunting a foe into attacking them or commanding others to attack, but as “true scavengers,” they prefer to exploit the martial talents of stronger Garou. After the fall of Khem, followers of Jackal have also been known for their bad luck. Some believe this “losing streak” began when Jackal packs failed to recapture the Kingdom of Khem from the Wyrm’s minions.

In a pack of Jackals, if a pack member strikes the first blow in a fight, the Storyteller can place some form of idol or marker in front of the player representing him. While that player has the idol, he is immune to the Ban: he can continues to strike first in combat. However, the player’s character is destined to have a streak of bad luck. Within three game sessions, the Storyteller can take the idol back to turn one successful die roll into a botch. After three game sessions, if the player still has the idol, the Storyteller takes it back without invoking this portion of the ban. Regardless of this curse, Jackal packs usually choose one warrior in their pack to strike the first blow – and suffer the consequences – for the good of the pack. Garou in a Jackal pack cannot take the Flaw: Jackal’s Blood.

Source: Bone Gnawers Tribebook Rev

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