This Trait measures raw mental processes: memory, retention, judgment, reasoning, understanding and critical thinking. It represents your character's ability to learn and think, and it caters to carefully reasoned judgments rather than snap decisions. Low Intelligence can indicate a character who lacks the capacity to understand complicated issues and learns very slowly, whereas a high Intelligence character is a sophisticated savant capable of evaluating many different levels of an argument or problem. A character with high Intelligence can often discern truth from lies, or at least when she has time to think things over.

  • Specialties: Creative, Discerning, Logical, Pragmatic, Scholar

• Poor: IQ 80, slow, confused, simple

•• Average: IQ 100, unimaginative, studious, thoughtful

••• Good: IQ 120, smart, quick, rational, cognitive

•••• Exceptional: IQ 140, ingenious, logical, discerning

••••• Outstanding: IQ 160+, genius, brilliant, erudite

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