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Hyena mocks anyone with power, heedless of the possibility of revenge. She finds fault with everything she sees, and often uses these misperceptions as excuses to victimize the weak as potential prey. When dealing with elders, Hyena packs criticize, mock, and laugh at the mistakes of higher ranking Garou; thus, some insist on having their Ragabash serve as the pack alpha during sept moots. Rabble disgusted with their elders may turn to Hyena for help, for few of them ever expect to gain enough Honor to advance in rank. Instead, they tend to shy away from septs, even though isolation from Garou society can slowly drive them mad.


All of Hyena’s companions – no one can truly “follow” Hyena – gain Primal-Urge 2 and Subterfuge 2. After becoming fostern (rank two Garou), each member of a hyena pack gains the Bone Gnawer Gift: Laugh of the Hyena. They may draw on four extra Willpower points per story.


Though Hyena is wise and clever, her ways are not the Garou’s, and it’s dangerous for werewolves to attach themselves too closely to her. Werewolf packs dedicated to Hyena are plagued by a creeping madness, one that intensifies when they drift from the company of other Garou. Each morning, each Garou in a Hyena pack must roll Willpower against a difficulty of 8. If the Garou has spent at least a day within the bawn of a caern during the last month, the difficulty of this roll is reduced to 6. On a failed roll (that is, lacking even one success), the character becomes subject to a delusion or dementia devised by the Storyteller for the rest of the day. These delusions often apply to potential victims or potential oppressors (such as elders) and should include some clever variety of poetic justice.

Source: Bone Gnawers Tribebook Rev

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