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In some ways the opposite of Gila Monster, Hummingbird embodies swiftness and precision. He can fly in all directions and hover. But he can’t stay still long, for his speed comes at a price – a hunger that cannot be denied.


Hummingbird favors his packs with the Gift: Spirit of the Fray. Furthermore, he grants each pack member an additional two dots of Dexterity. While in the Umbra, each pack member can hover or fly up to their lupus running speed, though without obvious wings.


Hummingbird has a voracious appetite, and demands that his packs supply him with a point of Gnosis per day. Packs must submit a feeding schedule or place it on the pack page for a Wizard to approve. Gnosis spent in this way can be regained on the same day through normal methods. Make sure to perform the necessary roll (Meditate, Enigmas, etc.) before any ONSen (etc.) to see if that Gnosis is or is not regained.

Hummingbird's children also tend to manifest voracious appetites for a food of their choice.

Source: Uktena Tribebook Rev

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