"Yes, yes," said the Beast, "my heart is good, but still I am a monster."

"Among mankind," says Beauty, "there are many that deserve that name more than you, and I prefer you, just as you are, to those, who, under a human form, hide a treacherous, corrupt, and ungrateful heart."  - Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont

..Artist.. Daydreamer..Hopeless Romantic..

Full Name: Helena 'Lena' Doyle

Gender: Female

Age: 22 (October 3, 1988)

Tribe: Shadow Lords

Height: 5'7" (in stiletto heels)

Weight: Average

Hair: Blond that has been dyed Auburn

Eyes: Light Green

Nature: Confidant

Demeanor: Avant-Garde

Theme Song: Her iPod is always set to shuffle.

Quote: "Moving a brush across canvas is like a kiss: Sometimes gentle and other times rough." / "The canvas is the being, the paint its soul.. The brush is merely a witness."

Status: Approved Oct. 6, 2010.

Player: Greyness


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2011 IC Journal


 Lena is a kind person. Although she had to become more independent when her parents died, there is still an immature side to her. She is imaginative, a dreamer.. someone who dreams in vivid color, swings on swing sets and cheerfully blows soap bubbles.. even indoors. She does not collect 'friends' like a Facebook addict, but prefers to get to know someone and let the friendship bloom. She is not a two-dimensional person, instead she is rather multifaceted.. able to see things from different angles especially when it comes to people and art.


 Her hair is naturally blonde, but she has been dying it auburn for a while. Sometimes, the dye might have been darker than planned. Photos from her childhood do not exist, as far as she knows. Photos of her past do not stretch that far back in time.

Maggie Gyllenhaal2 Maggie Gyllenhaal Maggie Gyllenhaal1

Crystal Springs Haunts: (Places Lena frequents)

Alt.Coffee - (Coffee House Artist/Hackerspace @tel #1089): Lena spends a lot of time painting in the Art Studio at Alt.Coffee. However, she's also been known to volunteer and help out at the front counter. She likes to bake things which are sold at Alt.

Sky Park - (City Park @tel #355): Weather permitting, Lena likes to visit the park. It has a fantastic view and it is perfect for people watching. Features of the strangers that pass her by often end up in her paintings later.

Sorrow's End - (Flower Boutique @tel #266): Since she began painting flower art cards, she became a regular customer at the boutique. It's a beautiful place to visit, even when buying just one flower.

Utopia - (Nightclub/Vampire Dominion @tel #369): She might not be the best at modern dance, but Lena likes to visit and dance at Utopia. Hopefully she'll improve.

Winter Park - (Garou/Kinfolk Safehouse @tel #427): When she found out about Garou, she had to stay at the safehouse. Now, she voluntarily visits to check up on the grocery list and bring in freshly baked treats


Playlist/The Music in Lena's Life:

Bad List - Ayria: "What did they do? Made you so awful. Why do you say, the stupid things you do?"

Code Monkey - Jonathan Coulton: No other song makes her think of her best friend more than this one.

Dress (Blood Trinty Mix) - Buck Tick: She likes the sound of it, but does not understand Japanese.

Fur Elise (Trance Remix) - DJ Succubus: Although she likes classics, this version is easier to dance to.

Going Under - Evanescence: When she believes she is in a place where no one will hear her.. this is a song she would play loudly and sing loudly along with. She finds it cathartic.

Greensleeves - Loreena McKennitt: The nickname of a painting on display.

Holding Out For A Hero - Frou Frou: Maybe someday her luck with guys might improve.

Moonlight Sonata - Ludwig van Beethoven: No other song played on the piano delights her quite like this one. Sadly, she cannot play it herself past a few notes.

Serenade for Strings - Tchaikovsky: Makes her sniffle.

That's Not My Name - The Ting Tings: Sometimes having something mindless playing helps make time fly.

The Haunting (Somewhere In Time) - Kamelot: She can't remember where she heard it, but it now gets stuck in her head often.

Until I Die - September: She can't tell if she likes the song or not. Someone added it to her iPod and she just never removed it.

Winterborn - The Cruxshadows: She heard The Cruxshadows played often enough at Alt.Coffee that the music grew on her. Becoming a fan, this song is one of my favorites.

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again - The Phantom of the Opera: Often on her mind when she thinks of her parents.

You May Be Right - Billy Joel: "..might enjoy some madness for a while."



None at this time.

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 Lena grew up in Crystal Springs as an only child that was encouraged to explore her natural affinity toward creativity. Her parents made her apply for college to hone her art skills. During a time when she considered dropping out and just painting the way she liked instead of learning more of history.. there was a fire in her home.

 The house she grew up in burned to the ground, taking both of her parents. Although she survived almost completely unharmed, physically, her mind is scared with an intense fear of fire. The sight of a lit match is enough to make her scream and back away.. if not flee crying uncontrollably. In her attempt to avoid coming in contact with her fear, she tends to only visit non-smoking establishments. She can handle seeing a battery-operated tea light candle.. but if she saw a real one lit, there would be no way to hide her terror.

 Upon the death of her parents, her mother's sister visited from Paris, France to tend to all the proper arrangements. Since Lena was of age, she was able to receive the inheritance her parents left her. Having to start anew, she opted to rent a small apartment and proceeded to hold onto that last wish her parents expressed: for her to continue and graduate from college. Once things were as settled as possible, Aunt Audrey Stewart (the mother's sister) returned to Paris. However, she remains in contact through telephone and the internet.

 Lena remained in college and excelled. She got along well with other art students and got dragged along into the hacker scene, even though she is not too tech savvy. She made plenty of fun acquaintances and joined in when local artists teamed with the local hacker community to open up a hacker space, calling it Alt.Coffee. Recently she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and hired a personal assistant to help her with her art website. Although she earns enough money from her art and has funds left over from her inheritance, she often works the Coffee House room of Alt.Coffee to help out. She also spends a lot of time painting in the back when not serving coffee to the locals.

That Which Is Unknown To Lena:

 Lena's parents were aware of being Shadow Lord kinfolk and assisted the tribe as best as they could. They accepted their roles.. until they fell in love. Determined to avoid just being breeding stock or being told to break their wedding vows to breed beyond their union, they left. Only the sister of Lena's mother was told when moved to Crystal Springs, seeking a safe place to raise their daughter. Lena's Aunt Audrey, took this time of change as and opportunity to chase her dreams and thus moved to Paris. Upon the death of Lena's parents Aunt Audrey visited to handle their affairs and researched the local garou climate. During this time she decided the area was peaceful enough, and there was no rumors of forced breeding, so there was no reason to uproot Lena. Lena did not know she is a kinfolk, until the very end of October 2010. A Black Spiral Dancer caused problems and Jericho threw a wrench in the plan, exposing Lena to the sight of himself in Crinos form but saving her life in the process.


 Aunt Audrey Stewart: Ally. Lives in Paris, France. Is Lena's last living relative. Speaks French. Communicates with Lena via internet and phone. Sometimes sends gifts, helps with finances, sends birthday cards through snailmail. Does not visit the US that often, but did come and take care of arrangements when Lena's parents died.

 Aunt Audrey met David Green after the death of her sister and the two were friendly with each other. She knows David is a werewolf and he knows she is a kinfolk. She confided that there is one other surviving member of the family, a niece, but never gave the name. A year later when he visited Paris on a business trip they hooked up, and when he left they parted ways amicably.

 When Lena learned about werewolves, David Green recognized Audrey in Lena's cellphone. Upon calling her aunt, Lena was assured that David could be trusted. Also, that Audrey and Lena are descended from the same family lineage that he is.

 Kirk 'b1n4ry' Thornton: Ally. Lives locally. Met Lena in college. He is the one that mentioned the dream of a Hacker Space (Alt.Coffee beta) in Crystal Springs and encouraged local hackers to work on making it happen. When they needed more people (more people = more dues/funds) he opened the door for the Artist Studio section, merging artists and hackers under one project. If he is in a good mood, he puts up with being Lena's tech support.. making sure her computer is secure.

 Lena calls him her Best Friend and considers him to be an adopted brother. He seems to be the only male that can enter her personal space at any time and not get a negative response. When Lena is sick, he has been known to act like a mother hen.. encouraging her to have plenty of chicken soup. When most people aren't even told where her apartment building is, he's allowed to crash on her couch almost at any time.

 Isabella: Retainer. Lena's personal assistant. Isabella is paid weekly through Lena, who covers this cost through painting sales or dips into her saved inheritance if there is a dry spell in sales. Isabella helps maintain LenaDoyle Dot Com, processes orders made online and runs general errands for Lena. Errands include: buying more paint supplies, pointing out when the local art stores have sales, picking up lunch for Lena and herself and anything else pertaining to being a personal assistant. Lena treats Isabella well, thankful to have someone to help her out.

 Mother and Father: Deceased. Death by fire. Lena heard her mother scream on the other side of the house. It was too late. Lena cannot remember much more detail beyond the smoke, fear and sounds. A fireman saved her life, but it was too late to save the parents. "Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars." -Kahlil Gibran

 Mother was beautiful. She wore her blonde hair in styles that made it difficult to discern the length, only showing her long tresses to her sister, husband and daughter. Never was she without her gold Claddagh pendant which was a gift from her husband. She guarded her secrets close to her chest and let few people in. Her love of keeping journals, Jane Austen and formal clothing were passed down to Lena. She taught Lena basic etiquette and often stressed the importance of acting like a lady. Although both parents wanted a normal life for Lena, it was her mother that really enforced it. Their home even had a white picket fence out front.

 Father was kind. He wore his light brown hair pulled back in an elastic that gave him a regal look that belonged in a different time period. Was not afraid to drink. Very supportive. He encouraged Lena to climb trees when her mother fussed over how to be a lady. He lived his life to the fullest, staying in the moment.. but he also dreamed big. Very big. He liked to tell jokes and stories. On the outside it almost seemed like he was never serious, but his emotions were fierce and strong.


 Name: Helena Doyle only uses her full first name for legal things, like her drivers license. Otherwise, she always introduces herself as Lena (pronounced Lee-nah) and signs all her paintings as such, with the date added beside her signature.

 Alt.Coffee: A Crystal Springs coffee house and hacker/artist space wrapped into one. Lena spends many hours per week painting in the art studio there. She also volunteers time to work in the coffee house. She is one of the many founding members of The Alt Society, the group of artists and hackers which run the space.

 Violin: Although Lena shares her paintings with the world.. she is more private when she plays the violin. It was the instrument she chose when recommended to try something musical in elementary school and she stuck with it ever since. She composes very simplistic pieces and practices classical works. When life is stressful, sneaking away to play her violin soothes her.

 Since her parents death, she only had a used violin she purchased, since her old one was destroyed by the fire. October 2010, a new violin, sized perfectly for her, was left at Alt.Coffee with no identification with it. Not knowing where the violin came from, Lena posted signs announcing a found violin and was seeking the rightful owner. As of opening the store on that Thursday morning, Lena found all the "Lost Violin" signs have been taken down. A note had been taped to the top of the violin case that said "For Lena". Considering only Jason had seen her play around that time, it does make it easy to guess where it came from. Now she has two violins, but seems to favor the newer one.

 Random Facts: Her blood type is AB-. She does drink alcohol, but often orders non-alcoholic beverages. Applause makes her think of Tinker Bell. She hopes to someday meet a Prince Charming. Hearing Moonlight Sonata played on the piano delights her.


IC Quotes:

"Everyone here is better than I would be. Though, I used to pick up sticks and pretend I was an impressive Wendy." - When watching the SCA club practice fencing.

"May I have a virgin Screwdriver?" - Ordering an orange juice at Utopia.

"I love you." Then she slips into French, <"I adore you.. I miss you."> - Speaking to her parents at their grave.

"Will I find true love? Is my knight in shining armor out there?" - Asking the Fortune Teller at the Alt.Coffee Halloween party.

"Do you know, pinky swears used to mean.. that the person who broke the swear had to cut off their pinky?" ... "I am a painter, offering you the pinky of my right hand." - Entering an oath with Jason Bard.

"Do you like homemade chocolate chip cookies? Or vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing? They're in containers on the counter.." - Letting Dead know about treats in the safehouse.

Lena sniffles, "I don't want anyone to see me crying.." / "Then you are in good company." Dead mentions to reassure her. - Dead hugs Lena.

"You saved my life. I will not forget." - Whispered in Jericho's ear after kissing him on the cheek.

"I do wear neckties, just.. not the way a man does." - In reply to Jericho believing she'd look good in a tie.

OOC Quotes:

You say "Cannot decide if Lena is a two-piece bathing suit sort of girl, or a one-piece. And, I lack a coin to flip."

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But, there is much more beneath that surface.