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As his Adren challenge, Nicholas Grey traversed from Aspen to Crystal Springs with an oak sapling, and planted it in the roof of the building he renovated and turned into Grey Incorporated. He has carefully groomed it into a powerhouse in the Green industry. With solar panels and natural lighting and various calming elements within, its most striking feature is the garden he's grown on the roof under the shade of the cement-rooted oak tree.

Ostensibly, Grey Inc. specializes in creating green solutions for other businesses, as well as exploring new green technology. He's reinforced this image with his stunning rooftop garden that serves as both vegetable garden for the residents of his company (unbeknownst to the public, Grey Inc also serves as the Walker safehouse and residence), and as a source of flowers for the various vases within the building.

However, under the surface, the company does quite a bit of under the table work. It is rumored he has his fingers in many pies, though in which pies is largely unknown.


During business hours, the front desk seats the secretary (Emily Burton). The desk has a direct wire to the security office via silent alarm button, and the lobby is constantly monitored by cameras. Cameras are also quite prevalent in the business area, on every floor: in the lounges, the restrooms (though not the stalls, and away from the urinals), the conference rooms. They also monitor all the elevators. They do not, however, monitor private offices as of this time. After hours, the desk is manned by the head of security (James Madrin), and the door to the Business Area is locked and requires a passcode to get in.

The Living Quarters holds no official security cameras, nor do the individual rooms. However, David has wired a few well-hidden cameras into the LQ and a few rooms. In order to access the Living Quarters from below, one must type a sequence of numbers into the keypad hidden behind a panel in the elevator. It leads to a hallway with a door at the end with another passcode, which leads into the LQ.

The roof is always locked, by traditional lock. There is no monitoring equipment up there, aside from Querca.

Proposed Security ChangesEdit

After a recent, blatant break-in, Nicholas and Henry are working up new changes in the security:

  • Replace all employee laptops with new ones with thumbprint scanners
  • Consider designing and implementing retina scanners to get into higher security areas like R&D and the Living Quarters
  • Cameras in every room; cameras in rooms that are likely to involve Crinos go on a separate feed onto a high-security server with information tampering prevention (hard wipe if it's hacked/unplugged/whatever)
  • Passcode rotation moving up to twice a week.
  • Mage wards
  • Awakening/Binding spirits to the security system
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