The Wendigo still retain some lore from the Croatan, although they keep it secret from other Garou (even the Uktena) and teach it to only deserving Wendigo. The Storyteller may forbid any player character who lacks an excellent reason for learning these Gifts; at any rate, they count as Gifts of another tribe and must be learned at the increased experience cost.

Wyld Sight (Rank 1)Edit

The Garou can see Wyld energy in all its manifestations, thus allowing him to prevent it from growing too powerful or to defend himself against it. For instance, the Garou can see the mystic swirling of the Umbral wind that presages a tornado in the physical realm or feel the shaking of the Umbral earth before a real earthquake. A Garou using Wyld Sight in the physical world can also sense Wyld spirits in the nearby Penumbra, although the user must enter the Umbra to get more details. This Gift is taught by a Wyld-spirit.

This is a Wendigo/Croatan Gift only.


The Player rolls Perception + Enigmas (difficulty 6). If successful, the Garou understands the nature of the Wyld manifestation and realizes what form of Wyld-spirit is causing it. Use the following table to determine how early a Garou can predict a Wyld event:

Successes Time Before the Event
One 10 minutes
Two 30 minutes
Three One hour
Four Three hours
Five+ One day

Source: 1st ed Wendigo Tribebook