Wsitiplaju's Bow (Rank 4)Edit

The Wendigo with this Gift can loose any arrow from her bow and unerringly hit her target, no matter where she stands, as long as there is a path through the air. The Gift sends the arrow traveling like a bird through any available space, diving over or under obstacles and around corners to reach its mark. However, Wsitiplaju's Bow does not enchant the arrow used, and the arrow cannot pass through any barrier that a normal arrow could not pierce. The spirit of an ancestor with great skill at Archery teaches this Gift.


The player rolls Perception + Archery against a difficulty of 8. The wielder of the Gift must form in her mind a picture of the target and its general location before letting loose the arrow; the target must be within standard range of the bow, regardless of the use of the Gift. This Gift works normally with a talen or fetish arrow.

Source: Wendigo Tribebook Revised