Winged Delivery (Rank 3) Edit

While the Sisterhood has a large network of Kinfolk, contacts, smugglers and informants available, at times the most effective means to move an item is to give it to a friendly spirit and have that spirit make the delivery. Using this Gift and some concentration, the character pushes a small item into the Umbra and gives it to an Owl Jaggling, which will deliver the item to a well identified person or location as rapidly as it can travel.

Garou who abuse this Gift to send dangerous items or active weapons (like grenades) into the Umbra - thereby jeopardizing the owl-spirit's existence - find that the retribution of the spirit world is swift and harsh. This Gift is obviously taught by owl-spirits.

Black Furies of the Sisterhood camp can learn this Gift.

System Edit

Spend one Gnosis and roll Charisma + Empathy (difficulty is the local Gauntlet). On a success, the item enters the Owl Jaggling's talons in the Umbra, and the Jaggling will deliver it to a clearly defined recipient. A human or Garou recipient must be named and described; a location need only be described, with directions given. The Owl Jaggling travels at roughly 100 miles per hour through the spirit world, and will deposit the item in the immediate vicinity of the target unless the target is somehow protected against the spirit world or the prevailing Gauntlet exceeds 7. If either of those conditions prevent delivery, the spirit returns to the Garou at full speed and returns the item without comment.

Source: Black Furies Tribebook Revised