Whiteout (Rank 3)Edit

This Gift allows a Garou to transform the area around her into a blinding whiteout, rendering it utterly featureless and dangerously disorienting. Any characters within the reach of the spell are enclosed within a frightening, snowy blizzard-filled dome, which deadens all scents, mutes all sounds with the roar of wind, and blinds all types of vision. The Gifted character's senses are untouched by these effects, although she remains within the whiteout. Similarly, other Wendigo are unaffected by the power of this Gift. A bear-spirit teaches this Gift.


The player spends a point of Gnosis, and rolls Manipulation + Survival. The diameter of the dome covered by the whiteout varies, depending on the total successes of this roll, multiplied by five feet. For example, if the player rolls 9 successes, the area of the whiteout is a circle 45 feet wide. All non-Wendigo characters within this area lose one point of Willpower and one die from all Perception-based pools for the rest of the scene; when they emerge the Perception penalty disappears but the Willpower point is gone until it is regained in the usual fashion.

Source: Wendigo Tribebook Revised