Web of SmokeEdit

(Level One) This Gift creates a simple trap made from webbing. Once the webbing is disturbed, it dissolves into a thick, noxious black smoke, which obscures the vision and smells worse than a hundred or so rotted eggs. While not effective as a weapon, it has stopped many creatures from getting too far into an Ananasi's lair.


The werespider spends on blood point. The web is not sticky, and can appear as simple as a mass of cobweb, or as an intricate, thick-stranded web obviously designed to keep out or capture intruders. Once anything touches this web with enough force to break any of the strands, the web explodes into a thick dark cloud of smoke, momentarily blinding anything in the immediate vicinity and causing a foul odor. Anyone caught in the cloud must roll Stamina, difficulty 8, or immediately go into a convulsive fit of vomiting for one turn per point of the spinner's permanent Gnosis.