Web HavenEdit

(Level One) The Damhan creates a haven for the night, usually within their normal dwelling as an added level of security. This webbing anchors in the material world as well as in the Umbra, and works primarily as an early warning alarm against potential attacks and as a warning that potential meals are nearby. This web must be spun, but it does not appear as a regular web unless the Ananasi wants it to. It remains invisible to mundane senses, blending into the background.


The werespider must spend one blood point to create the web (unless in Crawlerling form) and make a Gnosis roll, difficulty 7. The web covers roughly 100 feet per success. The anchor points for this web can be anywhere at all, even in thin air. Anything touching this webbing sends vibrations to the Ananasi, warning them of approach. This web offers no physical defenses against attack.