Venom BiteEdit

(Level Three) The character can use her fangs to inject a mutated venom into a target. This powerful neurotoxin paralyzes the victim, leaving only the autonomic systems -- heartbeat, breathing -- unaffected. Unlike regular spider venom, this toxin is immediate in effect, and capable of dropping even a raging Garou.


The character must first successfully bite the target, then spend a Gnosis point and make a Gnosis roll, difficulty of the target's Stamina +4 (never above 9) for the venom to take effect. One dose of the poison is enough to paralyze the victim. Two doses (administered separately, of course) can stop even the autonomic systems of the victim, leading to death by asphyxiation or heart attack. This Gift is costly, and most Ananasi use it only when they are outnumbered by their opponents. Certain supernaturals, such as vampires, can expel their own blood, which allows them to remove the toxins. Ovid and other regenerating creatures can also heal themselves, but to cure themselves of the venom requires enough time to regenerate four health levels of non-aggravated damage.