Venom (Rank 4)Edit

It was a Silent Strider lupus who first perfected this Gift while talking with Rattlesnake, but it's since been learned by many lupus through all tribes. By biting an opponent, the Garou can inject them with a damaging, or sometimes even lethal, toxin. Any snake-spirit can teach this gift.


The lupus must first successfully bite his opponent. After this, the player makes an opposed Stamina + Primal-Urge roll against the target's Stamina + 4. Each success the attacker gets above the victim inflicts an aggravated and unsoakable health level of damage, in addition to the damage done by the bite itself. Each level of damage caused in this way, also temporarily reduces the target's Stamina by one, and running out of Stamina in this way will cause a victim to fall unconscious. All Stamina returns at the beginning of the next scene - should the victim survive.

Source: Player's Guide to Garou