Umbral Body (Rank 5)Edit

The metis body is strange. Born in a form not intended by Gaia or nature, deformed and occasionally showing signs of animals entirely unrelated to wolf or man, it is little wonder the breed has been outcast and hated. But some metis have used this body to their advantage, and it is perhaps this strangeness that allows their body to withstand the pressures this Gift inflicts. With this Gift, the metis can partially reach into the Umbra, sending certain body parts into the Umbra while maintaining others in the physical world. Doing so makes the metis difficult to hit in combat, to say the least. A Pattern Spider teaches this Gift.


The metis rolls Gnosis (difficulty of the local Gauntlet) and, if the roll succeeds, spends one Gnosis. For the rest of the scene, the metis receives one extra automatic success on all Dodge rolls.

Source: Player's Guide to Garou

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