Umbral BarrierEdit

(Level Five) The Ananasi spins her web into the Great Web, strengthening the Gauntlet in the designated are and making it far more difficult for any non-Ananasi to pass into or out of the Umbra in that location. The webs generated by this Gift are intangible and invisible from the Gaia Realm, and merely look like another piece of the Great Web from the Umbra.


The character must spend the appropriate number of blood points for the web she wants to build; in addition, an expenditure of two Gnosis and a Wits + Occult (difficulty 8) is required. Each success increases the Gauntlet rating between the Gaia Realm and the Low, Middle and High Umbras by one. These barriers are often used as protection from invasion, and also as revenge against those who've slighted the werespider. This Gift's effects are permanent, although from the Penumbra the added webbing can be torn away from the Gauntlet -- an involved and difficult task.