The Wendigo still retain some lore from the Croatan, although they keep it secret from other Garou (even the Uktena) and teach it to only deserving Wendigo. The Storyteller may forbid any player character who lacks an excellent reason for learning these Gifts; at any rate, they count as Gifts of another tribe and must be learned at the increased experience cost.

Turtle Shell (Rank 2)Edit

The Garou can form a mystic protective shield around herself. The shield appears as a giant turtle shell that encases the Garou. The shell is opaque on the outside but translucent on the inside (attackers can't see in, but the Garou can see out). The Garou can choose to encase others in the shell with her. This Gift is taught by a Turtle-spirit.

This is a Wendigo/Croatan Gift only.


The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Stamina + Survival (difficulty 6). For each success, the shell has two soak dice and two Health Levels (when the shell has no more Health Levels, it breaks apart).

In addition, two yards radius can be encased per success. A Crinos-form Garou requires about that much space, so with three successes, three Crinos-form Garou can fit into the shell (or perhaps six Homid- or Lupus-form Garou, or any such combination - Storyteller's discretion.)

The shell lasts for one scene or until a Garou decides to break it, whichever comes first. Once its time is up or it is broken (whether by a Garou inside or by an enemy pounding his way in), the shell disintegrates.

Source: 1st ed Wendigo Tribebook