Troll Skin (Rank 2)Edit

This Gift allows the Fenrir to draw on the power of earth for protection, just as the legendary trolls and even Jotunn were able to do. When the Get activates this Gift, her skin grows tough and thick, covered with warty knots of hard, armored flesh. This Gift is taught by an earth elemental.


The player spends one Gnosis point and rolls Stamina + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7). For each success, the character receives one extra die on her soak roll. These extra soak dice cannot be used to soak silver damage; the Gift lasts for one scene, or until the Get chooses to dismiss it. Troll Skin is, alas, quite disconcerting and unpleasantly pungent. While the Gift's effects last, the difficulty of all Social rolls is increased by 1.

Source: Get of Fenris Tribebook Revised

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